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Chrome’s DevTools section is super powerful, and it’s not just for developers. Designers, project managers, and visitors can use it too! Here are five things that you can use it for, along with a screencast … Read the full article

Snoop Dogg Uses WordPress

If you’re in the market for a usable yet scalable content management system for your new website, there are a plethora from which to choose these days. We are fans of WordPress. As of early … Read the full article

Planning Kickoff Meetings

At the risk of bringing you back to 2003 and being incredibly cheesy, leeeeeeeet’s get it started, in here! We’re talking about kickoff meetings — the very meeting that gets everyone prepared, excited, and ready … Read the full article

Wanted: Data Beast Master

We're looking for a Big Data Engineer. If you want to work on an awesome product with tons of reach and a great team, let us know.

Want to work with us? NOTE: Those who think Hadoop is a slam dunk style need not apply.
Dan Martell - Clarity CEO - Richard Branson

Dan Martell is the founder of Clarity.FM, a service that puts entrepreneurs in direct contact with successful founders and investors for invaluable business advice. The service was acquired early 2015 by Fundable for its new … Read the full article

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MVP Legacy Products

“Lean product development and MVPs sound great for startups but they’ll never work for us. We’re a big company with legacy products.” I hear that comment with such regularity these days, it’s made me deeply … Read the full article

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When designers and developers work together, they can make magic happen. We’re talking the unicorns and rainbows kind of magic, when all kinds of User Experience Designers throw their titles aside and work for the … Read the full article