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My First 90 Days as a UX Designer

When I came to DT, I was a little nervous about switching up my career path. Previously, I was a branding designer on the east coast and now I’ve made a huge transition to being … Read the full article


A program, app, or game’s user interface encompasses all elements that allow the user to provide input and receive feedback from the software. User interface includes elements like the code, supported input and output hardware … Read the full article

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Sorry to break this to you, but good website design isn’t necessarily just about what’s pretty. For modern businesses, there is something way more important than the appearance: Whether or not the design helps achieve … Read the full article

Wanted: Data Beast Master

We're looking for a Big Data Engineer. If you want to work on an awesome product with tons of reach and a great team, let us know.

Want to work with us? NOTE: Those who think Hadoop is a slam dunk style need not apply.
How to Design_FeatureImage

There are a number of factors to be considered when designing a landing page with the goal of successfully converting site visits into new clients. Through an analysis of more than 350 companies (from small … Read the full article

Serif Typography

Website design is inarguably one of the most influential aspects of your company’s brand. It provides (hopefully) an interactive and engaging platform to tell more about what your company does and why that service or … Read the full article

fullscreen feature

Fullscreen has huge plans for the future of online video. They carefully match high-profile online video creators  with some of the world’s biggest brands to create some absolutely epic content. Fullscreeners include some of the … Read the full article

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