Here at dt we  are always looking for ways to make a user’s web experience more enjoyable and effective. Whether we are working on client projects or internal work, we are constantly trying to innovate as oppose to being just “good enough.” This has lead us to creating new solutions such as SlideDeck and our newest creation – the Hello Bar.

The hello bar is a simple message bar that sits across the top of a website. The goal of the hello bar is to grab your user’s attention and point them to an area of interest. It can be used for internal CTA’s, links to articles/blog posts, tweets, important notifications, updates or anything else that you would like to call attention to.

You have probably seen these before on other websites, browsers, or applications.  It is by no means a new idea. Our goal is to allow anyone to easily & quickly create a Hello Bar and embed it on their site. Once it is implemented, users will easily be able to manage, edit, and even view reports in a simple admin panel.

Check out the web toolbar and stay tuned for more to come!