SlideDeck 2 is now responsive!

We’ve talked before about how we believe that the responsive movement is the way forward for the Web, and now it’s time for us to stand by our words – starting with SlideDeck 2. Thanks to a lot of engineering trickery that we discussed a little while ago, today, we’ve updated SlideDeck 2 to be responsive! Now your sliders can automatically resize themselves to fit neatly on the page, regardless of the size of your screen or device – skip to the bottom to see how. We’re also celebrating with a special offer you don’t want to miss!

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This is a real milestone for the product, and we know you’ve all been waiting patiently for this critical update – so we decided to celebrate. For the next 48hrs, retweet a link to this article with the hashtag “#sd2responds”, and get 25% off! New users, we’ll DM you a special coupon code after you send out your tweet. Current customers – just contact us with your order number and the link to your tweet, and our friendly support ninjas will take good care of you.

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See it in action

Check out how SlideDeck 2 reconfigures itself to accommodate for different screen resolutions.

The three stages of a responsive SlideDeck

The three stages of a responsive SlideDeck | Click to enlarge

We’ll be updating the SlideDeck 2 Live Demo shortly, so you can see it in action for yourself, but in the meantime, check out our quick responsive example here:

Note that this behavior can now be enabled for all of your existing SlideDecks , and all of the existing Lenses! Super cool, is it not?

How to make your SlideDecks responsive

As always, we’ve sought to make this changeover as simple as possible for you all:

  1. First, either purchase SlideDeck 2, or update your copy of SlideDeck 2 to the latest version, via the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress admin
  2. All of your current SlideDecks can be made responsive by simply adding the parameter “ress=1” to the shortcode used to embed it in the page/post. Here’s an example:
    [slidedeck2 id=XXXX ress=1]
  3. Actually, there is no step 3 – uh, that’s it!

But wait, there’s more! Simply using the “ress=1” attribute will enable your SlideDecks to scale proportionally, based on the width of the screen that’s viewing it – but what happens if you need it to stay the same height ? Well, we’ve got another little trick baked into the latest update for you. Just add the parameter “proportional=false” to your ress-enabled SlideDeck shortcode to maintain its specified height:

[slidedeck2 id=XXXX ress=1 proportional=false]

Don’t have SlideDeck yet? Now’s the perfect time.

Get SlideDeck

So are you going to start creating SlideDecks with content optimized for your mobile visitors? Is this a useful feature to you? Let us know your ideas in the comments!

  • Cool stuff Jason – the lack of responsiveness was in fact the only thing that drove me away from SlideDeck – thanks for this update …


    I bought the plugin because it was responsive but I can’t get the shortcode to work. It works WITHOUT the responsive code addon mentioned in this post – when I add the recommended code – it doesn’t work.

    • dtelepathy

      Hi there

      Hm, that’s weird – do us a favor, and post a ticket in our support forum, so one of our resident tech-ninjas can help you out.