Aug 08 2012

50 Design Blogs to Bookmark for 2012


One of the greatest things about the web design profession is that the web is its home. Because of this, you’ll find an endless amount of resources for gathering inspiration and learning the ways of web design. Take a look at our favorite design blogs as well as our personal suggestions for some of our favorite articles from each of them.

1. 24 Ways (

Posts we love:

2. 99U Behance (

Posts we love:

3. Abduzeedo (

Posts we love:

4. A List Apart (

Posts we love:

5. Awwwards Blog (

Posts we love:

6. Bittbox (

Posts we love:

7. Blog.SpoonGraphics (

Posts we love:

8. But Does it Float (

Posts we love:

9. Cats Who Code (

Posts we love:

10. Creative Overflow (

Posts we love:

11. David Airey (

Posts we love:

12. Design Boom (

Posts we love:

13. Design Envy (

Posts we love:

14. Design Instruct (

Posts we love:

15. Design War (

Posts we love:

16. Designmodo (

Posts we love:

17. Design Shack (

Posts we love:

18. (

Posts we love:

19. Designrfix (

Posts we love:

20. Dribbble Blog (

Posts we love:

21. FastCo Design (

Posts we love:

22. First Web Designer (

Posts we love:

23. Freelance Switch (

Posts we love:

24. From Up North (

Posts we love:

25. Fuel (

Posts we love:

26. Graphic Exchange (

A great personally curated collection of print and graphic design inspiration

27. Happy Cog (


Posts we love:

28. HongKiat (

Posts we love:

29. Instant Shift (

Posts we love:

30. Jason Santa Maria (

Posts we love:

31. Line 25 (

Posts we love:

32. Media Queries (

This one’s a showcase of great media query centric designs in the wild.

33. Noupe (

Posts we love:

34. One Extra Pixel (

Posts we love:

35. Patrick McNeil (

Posts we love:

36. Pearsonified (

Posts we love:

37. Psdtuts+ (

Posts we love:

38. Reencoded (

Posts we love:

39. Site Inspire (

This one’s more of a showcase but check out this great visual for sorting through design aesthetics and styles

40. Six Revisions (

Posts we love:

41. Smashing Magazine (

Posts we love:

42. Speckyboy (

Posts we love:

43. Swiss Miss (

Posts we love:

44. Vandelay Design Blog (

Posts we love:

45. Vectips (

Posts we love:

46. Web Design Ledger (

Posts we love:

47. Web Designer Depot (

Posts we love:

48. Webdesigntuts+ (

Posts we love:

49. Web Designer Wall (

Posts we love:

50. Yanko Design (

Posts we love:

About the Author:

Jessica Moon is an Art Director at digital-telepathy, a user experience design studio that specializes in creating products like SlideDeck, Impress, and Filament. She has a passion for illustration and design, and enjoys blogging and tweeting about what she’s learned. You can also find her on Google+.

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  1. Aug 09 2012

    Great collection, Jessica. I recently stumbled on Pearsonified myself. Working through some of your other suggestions now. I love how the sites themselves are such works of art – seems pretty fitting for design blogs!

  2. Aug 10 2012
    Earthcare Technologies

    Great post! We’ll definitely be following some of these blogs into 2013. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aug 12 2012

    Awesome listing, lots of my faves listed!

  4. Aug 29 2012
    Linda Clark

    You have given an awesome list of design blogs. Although all are great in its content and popularity but I personally love Sixrevisions, Designrfix and Abduzeedo. These are great in providing images for designing from scratch also.

  5. Aug 29 2012

    I’m too lazy to click and bookmark 50 times so I just bookmarked this post.

    • Aug 29 2012

      Too bad Vector Tips is on a hiatus :(

  6. Aug 29 2012
    Ryan McGovern

    I’d like to add to that list. I do live chat shows with an audience and record them. It’s called DesignChat and its a lot of fun. Some previous guests include Milton Glaser, Debbie Millman, Jason Fried, Jessica Hische, Carlos Segura, Steven Heller, and the list goes on. 108 episodes as of tonight. Please check it out and say hi to us on Twitter @designchat.
    Thanks again for making this awesome list.

  7. Aug 30 2012
    Syed Noman Ali

    I think Cnet News blog should be in this list rest of the list is good too…

  8. Aug 31 2012
    Rowland John

    Great Posting! :)

  9. Sep 04 2012

    Lovely collection of beautiful sites posted on a really cool site that I’m gonna book mark. really inspirational!

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  11. Oct 04 2012
    Steve Browm

    Excellent Collection Jessica!!!. Its simply Great!!!!!!!!!

    • Oct 08 2012
      Daily Latest Updates

      very very nice and the amazing collection man i like these all keep this work thanks for the sharing.

  12. Oct 09 2012
    Stacy Summers

    Awesome Blog designs! Your post is full of design inspiration! Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  13. Oct 25 2012
    Oliver Nielsen

    Comprehensive list. But I would have appreciated a shorter, well groomed list of only the best of the best. Maybe 10.

  14. Nov 01 2012

    Thanks for sharing, this is perfect for me because I am trying to find more sources to get inspired. I appreciate you taking the time to make this for me ;)

  15. Nov 14 2012

    Great selection of blogs! I will defiantly RSS them all. Thanks for the share!

    • Dec 23 2012
      cartridge ink

      Wow, I love your blog, keep up the awesome work….

  16. Dec 26 2012

    Thank you, All blog post is very nice

  17. Jan 06 2013

    It’s verry nice!

    Good for inspiration, really!

    • Jan 19 2013

      I wonder how she finds the time to read them all?

    • Jan 21 2013
      Jason Amunwa

      Jessica is a design cyborg. Fact.

  18. Jan 17 2013

    Nice Sharing and Worth post…
    Thank You @Jessica Moon…

  19. Mar 08 2013

    wow great post and great websites, thanks for sharing

  20. Mar 09 2013
    Web Design Springfield MO

    I know it’s kinda crazy, but I visited all these 50 design blogs you shared.:) Yeah, indeed. They’re all very informative and helpful. Thank you for sharing them, Jessica. You’re really great. Because of you, I’ll start following this blog.. especially your posts.

  21. Aug 29 2013
    Bournemouth website design

    Thanks for taking the time to share these, just what I was looking for!

  22. Sep 21 2013

    Great list Jessica, Some are my favourite, There are some Web sites in the list where we have a lot to learn. I would be happy if you could add my site to the list.

    Thank you,

  23. Oct 18 2013
    Empowerment Technology

    Nice great Jessica Moon keep it up awesome work. Thanks to share…. ;)