Jun 27 2012

A Showcase of 50 Skeuomorphic Designs


Digital skeuomorphism involves taking characteristics from real life objects and applying them to digital interfaces in order to foster a sense of familiarity in users. Common examples of this include paper textures on notepad applications, thread stitching in interface borders, and transparent glass surfaces for application covers.

In user experience design, digital skeuomorphism holds great potential for bringing rich emotional experiences to digital devices, which are otherwise impersonal. If you’re looking to leverage digital skeuomorphism into your next design, take inspiration from the following fifty examples.

Books, Paper, and Stationery


Workspaces and Environments


Analog and Digital Displays


Lights, Switches and Buttons


Stitchings, Glass, Fabrics and Textures

Remember that inspiration for skeuomorphism isn’t limited to your computer screen. Take this opportunity to walk around and get inspiration from the world you live in.

About the Author:

Jessica Moon is an Art Director at digital-telepathy, a user experience design studio that specializes in creating products like SlideDeck, Impress, and Filament. She has a passion for illustration and design, and enjoys blogging and tweeting about what she’s learned. You can also find her on Google+.

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  1. Aug 03 2012
    your dream

    its great stuff. thanks for sharing…waiting for your next update

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  3. Apr 17 2013
    unified infotech

    Thanks for sharing these creative designs.

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  5. Jun 05 2013
    Jordan King

    Some really great inspiration here. Thanks for sharing with us.