Dec 02 2010

New Website Design – "The 4-Hour Body" by Tim Ferriss

We had the opportunity to work closely with Tim Ferriss and design the website for his new book, “The 4-Hour Body.” It was an exciting project as we had to bust through the wireframing, designing and coding in just 2 weeks.

We’d love to hear your comments on the design.

4-Hour Body Website

Tim’s new book is described as:

An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, & Becoming Superhuman

Needless to say, we learned a few new tricks along the way!

The book will be released on December 14th, but you can pre-order it at anytime. Make sure to check out the official video trailer -pretty awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

About the Author:

As Founder of digital-telepathy, Chuck has the ambitious goal of improving the design of the web by introducing new standards for people who give a damn about design.Find me on Google+ and Twitter.

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16 Responses

  1. Dec 02 2010

    Just absolutely brilliant, I love the design. Congrats on the quick turnaround too – a VERY rare skill!


  2. Dec 02 2010
    zach even – esh

    Chuck, the web site is f**ing deadly brutha, PURE, unadulterated BadAss design. I’d love to connect if you have time, I wanna revamp my personal blog, lemme know bruddah, send an e mail!!

  3. Dec 02 2010
    Jose Castro-Frenzel

    Great Job on the site, exceptional and excellent use of color.


  4. Dec 02 2010

    Love the arrow key navigation (prev-next / left-right) in the photo gallery. Super convenient

  5. Dec 02 2010
    Chris Pepin

    I’m working on building a minisite for my muse right now – so I’m neck deep in hiring out design work – and I must admit I was completely blown away with what you did for this. Literally jaw-dropping. Of course the copy and content gets the most traction in marketing but when you produce a product that looks this good it really lets the product shine. Congratulations.

  6. Dec 02 2010

    you guys rock! that site is awesome!

  7. Dec 02 2010
    Sean Dawes

    When I first saw it I was pretty impressed with the design. Really like the layout and definitely flows well for a book.

  8. Dec 02 2010
    Chuck Longanecker

    Thanks for the comments guys! It’s great to hear such positive feedback. You never know when you work so closely on a project. Cheers!

  9. Dec 02 2010

    Nice work, guys! Looks great :)

  10. Dec 02 2010

    Awesome! Love the design and the trailer!

  11. Dec 02 2010

    Everything looks awesome guys!!!! Great Job

  12. Dec 03 2010

    Amazing video!…but too short, you can move people with a longest comercial.

  13. Dec 03 2010

    Great work! Looks awesome

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  16. Dec 04 2010

    wow, that is a really cool look

  17. Dec 04 2010
    Drew Canole

    Amazing website dudes! Love it!

  18. Dec 06 2010

    I am not fan of dark color scheme sites. However, I found the folder tabs with content which is light color stands out. It is inviting. It work good with dark gradient making it seamless.

    I don’t feel like my computer is getting a ‘virus’ from visiting In fact, I visited it several times feeling revitalized.

    It is rare for dark color scheme sites bring me there often.