Oct 16 2013

Watch the DT.tv Premiere!


Every once in a while, we like to do something completely different, and today happens to be one of those days! We’re a ravenous bunch here at the DT offices, consuming vast amounts of inspirational links and cool stuff on the Web on a daily basis. Often, this results in numerous fascinating and entertaining all-staff email threads, where the discussion can vary from thoughtful to hilarious.

Our ever-enterprising designer/developer unicorn Shawn has started the good work of getting this treasure trove out to you with his regular Internet Hoarding column, but despite the debate and hilarity, there’s always been someone missing from the conversation – you.

Therefore, we decided to start our very own Web tv show that covers the things you want to know about. And you get to join in! Tweet your interesting links, topics of debate and hidden gems to us @DT_tv, for a chance to get it included in the show.

Announcing DT.tv: Episode 1!

Watch DT.tv Episode 1 right here!

Shawn and I are thrilled to take the wraps off Episode 1 of DT.tv – a regular hangout for anyone who gives a damn about design to stay up-to-speed with what’s new, who’s doing cool stuff, and just plain entertaining things on the Web. In the meantime, head on over to the DT.tv YouTube channel to watch us riff on topics like the IPhone 5S, Google’s Calico project, and the full-on, undeniable awesomeness of Elon Musk!

The future’s so bright …

We have tons of ideas for future episodes and are always open to suggestions, so don’t be shy: Check out the show, tweet us to let us know what you liked, and share your ideas for Episode 2!

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  1. Oct 27 2013

    your youtube doesn’t allow comments. what give?