Measuring User Engagement

One of the hot words flying around the Products Cave at Digital Telepathy right now is “engagement”. After all, it’s what we do as a company, and is at the heart of what we’re envisioning … Read the full article

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Boring static web pages are so 2010. Luckily for users everywhere, parallax scrolling — and all of its interactive excitement — makes it so that visiting a website can be an multi-dimensional experience. The special scrolling … Read the full article

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Understanding what drives users to be deeply engaged in one app over another can feel like you’re trying to read tea leaves. To solve this problem, you need to understand how users think. Fortunately, someone … Read the full article

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What if Filament told you how to make your blog better?
Get Insights

It’s been six years since Eric Ries first posted his thoughts on “the lean startup” in September of 2008. His early pontification of agile methodologies and rapid iteration helped us crystallize our approach to product design. Our … Read the full article

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New projects are a “Creative’s Dream.” They’re like a land of innovation, imagination, and opportunity. You know what I mean? For the next couple of months, you get to stretch your brain muscles and build … Read the full article

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iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Features

Apple does an amazing job at hyping up their products. They really know how to put together a demo that shows off their hard work – even if they won’t let you watch it in … Read the full article

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