Dec 10 2013

26 Free Condensed Fonts to Propel Your Next Project


When you’re tight on space, and you’ve got to grab your viewer’s attention, reach for a condensed font. Today’s post provides an easy list to reference when you have those “I need a free condensed font” moments.

Do these fonts look familiar? A few appeared in our early 2013 font roundup, some are included in Awwwards’ font countdown, and a good amount may already be gracing your Google Docs and the sites you visit. Let us know which fonts you try out, and which of your favorites we missed!

From Around the Web

Bebas NeueDemo of Bebas Neue font

EconomicaDemo of Economica font

FranchiseDemo of Franchise font

Kelson SansDemo of Kelson Sans font

LangdonDemo of Langdon font

MatchbookDemo of Matchbook font

Ostrich SansDemo of Ostrich Sans font

Sanchez CondensedDemo of Sanchez Condensed font

Six CapsDemo of Six Caps font

SteelfishDemo of Steelfish font

Stint Ultra CondensedDemo of Stint Ultra Condensed font

Sue Ellen FranciscoDemo of Sue Ellen Francisco font

VersaDemo of Versa font

Google Fonts

Amatic SCDemo of Amatic SC font

Droid SansDemo of Droid Sans font

Francois OneDemo of Francois One font

Medula OneDemo of Medula One font

Open Sans CondensedDemo of Open Sans Condensed font

OswaldDemo of Oswald font

Pathway Gothic OneDemo of Pathway Gothic One font

PT Sans NarrowDemo of PT Sans Narrow font

Roboto CondensedDemo of Roboto Condensed font

Tulpen OneDemo of Tulpen One font

VoltaireDemo of Voltaire font

Choose-Your-Price Fonts (from $0 to whatever $$$ you want to give)

BlanchDemo of Blanch font

DukeDemo of Duke font

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Julia Larson is a freelance copywriter & copyeditor. When not on a quadrilateral device, she’s on her yoga mat, a hike, or a cooking spree. Connect with her on Google+ and Twitter.

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  1. Dec 10 2013

    Neat! Though, as a side note, the sentence should actually be “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” or else the “s” is not included.

    • Mar 10 2015
      danny gonsalves

      um, actually, it really IS “the quick brown fox jump[ed] over the lazy dog”. you see, i learned that from ethel rooseman in typing class at fowler high in 1972. great page and great fonts! thanks heaps!

    • Mar 10 2015
      Jamie Hamel-Smith

      But the s! What about the poor letter s?

  2. Apr 10 2014

    Thank you Julia for sharing these fonts with web designers…

  3. Mar 27 2015

    I appreciate your list. As a non-profit, I’m always in need of well-researched information to help me as webmaster/editor/graphic designer. How about handwritten fonts?