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To me relationships are an investment. My time. My money. My emotions. I’m not the kind of guy to sit and chat about the weather. I want to get to know you. Your passions. Your … Read the full article


At Digital Telepathy, we are all about crafting meaningful experiences. In fact, we are so passionate about our mission that we have taken it to heart and infused it into everything we do. From finding … Read the full article

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My all-time favorite movie is Fight Club, and one of its most memorable lines (among many) is: “You’re not a beautiful, unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.” Oof, total downer, right? … Read the full article

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Wanted: Data Beast Master

We're looking for a Big Data Engineer. If you want to work on an awesome product with tons of reach and a great team, let us know.

Want to work with us? NOTE: Those who think Hadoop is a slam dunk style need not apply.
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Elon Musk could be celebrated as the greatest inventor of this century. At 43 years old, he’s done more than most of us can hope to do in a lifetime. He’s a self-taught computer programmer … Read the full article

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Walt Disney: Innovator. Dreamer. Animator. Wordsmith? Normally, the word “plus” is a conjunction, but to Mr. Disney, it was a verb. He would tell his Imagineers to “plus it” as a way to motivate them … Read the full article

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Much to the chagrin of our Director of Vitality, our office runs (at least partially) on a lovely hot (sometimes cold) caffeinated beverage. In the old days, we took morning walks and afternoon strolls to … Read the full article