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Quotes about UX

In a recent interview, Eric Ries said that design is the new basis of competition. I couldn’t agree more. Design is more than just how that something looks, more than how something functions. Design has … Read the full article

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The phases of design research

Design creates a significant competitive advantage in the market. In fact, research has shown that design-led firms yield a 228% greater ROI than the S&P 500. When design is used strategically, a company can achieve … Read the full article

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In the increasingly design-savvy state of the world, it’s never been more important to stand out and develop a unique brand identity through UX design. While most organizations recognize the ability of UX design to … Read the full article

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What if Filament told you how to make your blog better?
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Beyond the bite-sized bits of design material you’ll come across in your RSS feeder, there’s an incredibly rich world of knowledge that lives not in pixels, but in print. And if you’re itching to build … Read the full article


Hey guys, my name is Jamie and I’ve been doing support for our products for about 3 years. I’ve been actively supporting both SlideDeck and Hello Bar since their inception, and we’ve learned that there’s … Read the full article


A little while ago our fantastic unicorn Product Manager for SlideDeck, Jason Amunwa, posed an interesting question on Speckboy: Should designers know how to code? For the sake of this article’s argument, we’re going to … Read the full article