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Dan Trenkner

Every day I'm blown away by the talent here. Our designers and developers are constantly pushing the limits of what's possible. Dan Trenkner, Art Director

MK Cook

I love coming in every day because it is more than a job. We are a vibrant family and we are all nurtured to reach our highest potential in all aspects of our lives. MK Cook, UX Designer

Brent Summers

This is the most excitingly mellow place I've ever worked. Folks here are motivated, talented, and busy... notice I didn't say stressed out. Brent Summers, Account Strategist

Niels Fogt

Nothing is set in stone here. If you are passionate about it, you have an opportunity to pursue your interests and make an immediate difference on what we do for ourselves and our clients. Niels Fogt, Director of Services

Chuck Longanecker

I like working here because we get to build cool stuff for a living. Stuff that is rooted in our passion and inspiration and affects people all over the world. Chuck Longanecker, Founder & CEO

Jamie Hamel-Smith

I love working at DT because the level of craft and polish that we put into our work is something to be proud of! I also love hanging with all the interesting folk here. Jamie Hamel-Smith, Senior Developer

  • Great Culture. Stop Planning, Start Living It
  • Digital-Telepathy Office
  • Senior Account Manager / Strategist

    Be a part of our creative machine and help us change the design world, one interface at a time. At digital-telepathy, we’re dead set on making the design of the web better.As a Senior Account …

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  • UX & Interface Designers

    At dt, we have it both ways. Our time is spent designing for clients we love working with and creating products we believe improve the web. We practice objective based design and agile development, so …

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  • Digital-Telepathy Office
  • Copywriter (Contract Position)

    Here at digital-telepathy, we’re charting a course towards making the web a better place, and we want your words to help get us there. We’re a user experience design agency dead set on improving the Web …

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  • Inbound Marketing and Social Media Manager

    Here at digital-telepathy we have our eyes set on making the web a better place, and we need your megaphone to amplify our cause.We’re part user experience design agency, part products company, part content publisher; …

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  • Front-End Developer

    Create some of the best user experiences on the web with digital-telepathy’s top-notch design and development team. We’re a user experience design company looking to improve the design of the web and you can be …

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  • Digital-Telepathy Office
  • Talent Ambassador

    Digital Telepathy is looking for an ambitious leader to help guide us as we grow.  Although your job will encompass familiar HR responsibilities such as recruitment and employee development, we do things differently here at …

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  • Hiring People, Not Just Skills