Senior UX & UI Designer

We’re Digital Telepathy, but our friends call us DT. Our time is spent designing for clients we love working with, and creating products and tools that make the web better. We practice objective-based design and agile development, so things move fast.

We’re growing on both the products and client side of the fence and are looking for great UX & Interface Designers to be a part of our team....Interested?

Work On Fun & Challenging Projects

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Position Requirements

Our philosophy at DT is that design is never done. We are looking for a Senior UX Designer with the passion to solve complex business problems through objective-based design, and to never tire of pushing their work to be better.

The UX Designer’s job is to create beautiful and compelling interactive experiences, and is responsible for the full lifecycle of design. In this role you will be ideating with the project team, developing original usability and design concepts, and participating in presentations to clients. This position requires a solid understanding of designing intuitive site functionality, site architecture, user interfaces and navigation. In addition to project work, we need someone who is a great communicator, team player, tactful diplomat and a skilled client partner all rolled into one.

What We Do

  • Collaborate constantly
  • Work on awesome projects
  • Eat lunch together
  • Incentivize employee growth
  • Promote openness
  • Balance personal and professional life
  • Foster creative thinking
  • Nourish a friendly environment
  • Care about our craft

What We Don’t

  • Work with assholes
  • Pixel push
  • 60 hour weeks
  • Crazy deadlines
  • Care about titles
  • Get caught up in red tape
  • Adopt waterfall processes
  • Drop the ball
  • Focus on awards

Work with Perks

In addition to working alongside smart and interesting people in our downtown San Diego office, we offer a wide range of professional perks. We’re proud of our team, and make sure to take great care of each member.

Surround Yourself with Great People

“The only thing we care about more than pushing our design forward is our own team.”

Shawn Leslie

Shawn Leslie Lead Product Designer

“The atmosphere is so incredibly open – you can really unleash yourself both creatively and as an individual.”

Jessica Moon

Jessica Moon Art Director

“20% of our time is devoted to learning new things. It’s awesome to work for a company who encourages you to better yourself.”

Eduardo Toledano

Eduardo Toledano UX Designer

“I love working at DT because we are encouraged to speak up and bring new ideas to the table.”

Cody Iddings

Cody Iddings UX Designer

Pop Quiz! Do You Have What It Takes?

Take the DT design quiz to test your design skills. This test is just for fun and will not affect your chances of getting this job.


Which typeface is this?

Question 1

What is the screen resolution of the iPhone 5s?


Which blending mode is this?


How many columns is the default Bootstrap grid?

Question 4

Which of the following does not distribute fonts?


Someone who can design and develop is often referred to as:


Which of these is not a to-do app?

Question 7

What are the two parts of the color spectrum?

Question 8

What is the hexidecimal color of this shape?

Question 9

Who designed the original American Airlines logo?

Question 10

How to Get this Job

You'll need to provide us a few things:

  • A unique letter that explains why you’re a good fit for this position. We can smell form letters from a mile away, so show us you really want this!
  • Your resume emphasizing any pertinent experience you have.
  • The URL to your portfolio site and anywhere else we can find your designs on the web (Dribbble, Behance, etc...). Bonus points for live links to current examples of your design in use.
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