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Objective Based Web Design - The Evolution of Web Design

Start Here: Define the Objective

The objective is the greatest area of opportunity for business growth.
Don’t think about what pages need to be designed, instead think about what results
you want to achieve with the performance of users, sales, engagement…etc.

  1. The Objective

  2. Ideas

    Ideas present ways to accomplish your objective. They are generated from insights in your analytics, user surveys, current trends and more.

  3. Projects

    Ideas are developed into projects in a orchestrated chaos of brainstorm sessions with live whiteboarding, sketching & wireframing.

  4. Design & Build

    There is no shortcut to good design. However, it's rare to get it right the first time, so it's best to design and build in lean and iterative cycles as opposed to a rigid and linear waterfall process.

  5. Measure

    Design without metrics is art, not business. In order to accomplish your objective, you must measure the results of each project and generate new ideas.

  6. Learn

    Learn from your users so that you can iterate your ideas and accomplish your objective.

  7. Iterate

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