Full‑Stack Design for a Growing Tech Startup

Cloud management has never been simpler. CliQr helps software engineers model and monitor cloud deployments on a wide selection of ecosystem partners. We helped CliQr architect its corporate story and responsive website that is aimed at the technological-minded.

  • Branding
  • Content Strategy
  • UX Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Front-End Development
  1. Good design is great for business: CliQr was acquired by Cisco for $260M

Changing the Way Enterprises Use the Cloud

Every brand wants to tell a compelling story. That’s Marketing 101. When CliQr came to us, however, they didn't just want powerful messaging, they wanted to forge an entirely new experience that catered to a specific previously untapped audience.

CliQr provides businesses with a platform that allows them to manage and move applications across private or public cloud environments. They wanted to better communicate this idea more broadly to the enterprise. We were tasked with turning CliQr’s technical, developer-centric website on its head and designing it in a way that would engage a more diverse group of users.

Through a series of strategic exercises, we worked together to develop a personalized narrative that gave context to the personas CliQr was targeting. Defining the “main character” (the company) and the “antagonists” (other personas that prevent the audience from connecting with the main character) in their story, helped tailor the messaging and design elements. We learned what would help drive people through the site.

A story is nothing without structure. Early on, we agreed that the collapsible side-nav brought a necessary cohesiveness to the site and gave the content room to breathe. Coupled with the vibrant orange aesthetic, we were able to make the biggest impacts where they mattered most: approachability and brand recognition.

Great copy, illustrations, sexy interactions and custom photography come together to create a site full of personality.

”I liked getting a different perspective. Maurice added a different take to ideas that we had become stagnant with and made the overall outcome much better.“
Pete Johnson VP of Product Evangelism
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