Designing the Optimal Experience for GLIDR's Enterprise Innovation Workshop Series

Focused on scaling out their product into a more robust v2, Glidr needed to build up a vibrant brand presence that would promote their role as technological leaders within the innovation and R&D industry. To coincide with their plans of launching their v2 product alongside a newly developed brand identity, Glidr needed a partner who could help strategize, position, and implement a marketing experience that would ultimately amplify their new brand debut.

  • User research
  • IA strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Brand development
  • UI design
  • Prototyping
  • Style guide
  • Front-end engineering

Glidr came to DT with two objectives to tackle simultaneously: 1) help them articulate the value of their platform to an emerging market, and 2) create a strong brand presence and design system to complement their new logomark. Within an industry well-acclimated to workarounds and inefficiencies, Glidr’s challenge was articulating how a platform that improved productivity, visibility, and team collaboration could help accelerate innovation within a business. Content strategy of the site therefore concentrated primarily on leveraging key benefits of the platform as they correlated to specific personas within the innovation and R&D team setting. Concurrently, our team explored ways to visually expand on Glidr’s mission, gaining perspective across innovation portfolios. Coupled with the content strategy, this visual direction allowed us to illustrate more of the abstract solutions articulated across the site.

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