Hospitality for the Digital Traveler

Facing rapidly evolving expectations from guests, the hospitality sector must innovate new ways to appeal to today's digital savvy traveler. As a global leader, Marriott is pioneering the guest experience and reshaping how travelers interact with their brand.

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Digital experiences can be updated and optimized often with minimal impact on operations. In the real world, however, modifying a physical experience can be extremely disruptive, directly impacting the customer experience and revenue. Balancing innovation with operations is challenging for any brand and often requires a fresh perspective to uncover critical insights.

Irvine Marriott invited Digital Telepathy (DT) to conduct an on-site experience mapping workshop to reveal areas of improvement in the guest experience. Over the course of two days, the DT team explored the property, services and amenities to catalog key moments throughout each experience. These moments were then reconstructed on day two in a participatory workshop with Irvine Marriott’s senior management.

The deconstruction of seemingly menial or effortless moments freezes time to allow meaningful discussion around the value provided to the guest in that moment and also the level of effort required to produce that moment of value. Reconstructing each moment along a linear path revealed a variety of customer journeys that a guest could embark on during their stay, each permutation a uniquely personal experience for a guest.

Experience mapping is a critical tool for documenting and quantifying a customer journey across digital and non-digital brand touchpoints. For the senior management at Irvine Marriott, the map illustrated the interwoven complexity driving each moving part in their guest experience and allowed them to objectively assess the value each was delivering to their guests.

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