Making a Bleeding-Edge Cybersecurity Suite Human-Friendly

Heartbleed, Shellshock, DROWN – cybersecurity threats are evolving fast, and few people can keep up with the demands of managing multiple security tools and each new vulnerability. Phantom has pioneered a cutting edge cybersecurity automation platform and needed help explaining the product's architecture and benefits to both the technical folks using it, as well as the decision-makers who tended to be writing the checks – so they partnered with us to tell their story.

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  1. Good design is great for business: Phantom won the RSA Conference 2016's Most Innovative Startup award

Distilling a complex product right down to the benefits

For even a moderately-prepared company, the detection of a security breach or unauthorized intrusion of some kind sets off a long chain of events and security countermeasures across multiple different software tools – each of which is typically handled manually by that company's (likely highly-caffeinated) security team. Phantom enables the automation of those countermeasures, enabling faster response times and greater ability to respond to new threats.

Now, be honest: how easy was that to understand? Trust us, it wasn't that simple to write, but if you ended that description nodding your head, it's all thanks to a content and messaging strategy fuelled by insights from in-depth customer interviews, and extensive work clearly visualizing the key concepts of Phantom's value proposition. It was all done with the goal of understanding and distilling the essence of their incredibly complex platform into key takeaways for their audience of sophisticated technology professionals.

Once we'd collectively reached the "Ahh, I get it now" moment with their team, our focus turned to crafting a storytelling experience for their website that guided visitors to the same epiphany – not so much worrying about the "What is it?", and instead ensuring visitors left the site knowing how it works, and "Why I need it".

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