Increasing Users for a Revolutionary Collaboration Tool Recently Acquired for $750MM

Quip is a rapidly-growing company whose key value proposition is facilitating fast, effortless collaboration – so applying our simple, iterative and collaborative design process to their needs was a no-brainer for both of us. Of course, it also didn’t hurt that key members of Quip’s leadership team had already experienced working with us on enterprise software giant New Relic, which rang the coveted NYSE Opening Bell with their IPO in Dec 2014. Together, we’re eager to repeat – and surpass – our previous success.

  • UX Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Front-End Development
  1. Good design is great for business: Salesforce signs definitive agreement to acquire Quip for $750M

When Quip approached us to discuss working together, we were surprised to recognize the familiar face behind the first email – our former marketing partner at New Relic, Patrick Moran, had made the jump to lead Quip’s customer experience, and wanted to team up again to replicate the success we’d both achieved with our previous endeavor.

Quip is a robust productivity and collaboration tool that aims to merge chat messaging, live-editable documents (akin to Google Drive) and email into one, seamless experience. But in a Google-owned world, how does one go about communicating the benefits and differentiators of such a tool to potential users?

After digging into the research, we realized it all came down to time – or rather, the lack of it. So much of our potential productive time is lost coordinating meetings, updating status reports, or locating files and sharing the appropriate links, so we designed Quip’s website to highlight the key differentiators in Quip that help you save time and be more productive. It was all geared toward helping visitors to Quip’s website clearly envision what their collaborative life could be like with the platform.

”After digging into the research, we realized it all came down to time – or rather, the lack of it.“
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