Building a Habit-Forming Stock Discovery App Anyone Can Use

SparkFin was born out of the idea that discovering new stocks and devising new investment strategies should be easy, fun and mobile (we know, crazy, right?). They already had an existing app with good traction when they came to us, but we knew the right redesign could release untapped potential for even greater user engagement.

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  1. Good design is great for business: Nasdaq partnered with SparkFin to provide real-time market data

Mission: make it fresh, serious and un-put-down-able

Being a local startup in our San Diego backyard, we first connected with the SparkFin team through our mutual friend Howard Lindzon, Co-Founder of StockTwits, and we quickly bonded over our shared passion for presenting powerful data and information to users in a meaningful and engaging way.

When SparkFin came to us, they were seeking to dramatically boost the level of user engagement with their promising iOS app, which provided a powerful platform for discovering new stocks and investment strategies.

What began as a simple app reskin evolved into a complete rework of the app's user experience from the ground up. The goal? To build and relaunch a far more intuitive user flow, with nods to other famously-addictive discovery apps like Flipboard and Tinder, that people would use on a daily basis.

And it worked! Sparkfin's relaunch and subsequent reception by their users pushed them to the #1 spot in the iOS app store in the Finance category, as well as snagging a coveted featured spot in the Product Hunt newsletter.

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