Providing Experience Design and Culture Crafting to a Top App Discovery Platform

SweetLabs is an app development platform that has driven over 1 billion app installs. They were on the brink of evolving their company vision and roadmap when they had realized that their organization’s culture needed to support this new endeavor. They sought out a partner who could work behind the scenes in helping them 1) uncover and understand their unique organizational culture, 2) empower their leaders and team to actively define their culture, and 3) aid in the facilitation and strategic planning of embedding and aligning their organizational culture.

  • Organizational Design
  • User Research
  • Culture Leadership
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Workshop Series

The organizational alignment of company culture lies mostly in successful navigation of the journey in getting there, and less in determining just what exactly that end destination looks like.

In our two-pronged approach of consulting and guiding this organizational alignment, we focused on a) education and training for key thought leaders within the organization, and b) facilitating a series of inclusive workshops that empowered the larger SweetLabs team.

Our initial research and synthesis created a baseline culture framework. We coached key leaders in the organization to build upon the framework by giving their team a voice. We formed an internal culture team and facilitated weekly sessions where team members followed a series of exercises as well as company-wide surveys to further define their organizational culture, values and purpose in line with the new company vision. Finally, we led strategic conversations and inclusive workshops to empower the SweetLabs team to better align and embed every their culture into every aspect of the company.

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