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About us means you too

Instead of telling you impressive stuff about ourselves, we prefer to share how we use our culture to impact our team, our clients and our community. But in case you were just expecting us to toot our own horn, here’s some typical About Us stuff:

  • 2001

    Year founded

  • 45

    Members of the tribe

  • San Diego

    Our home

  • Top 50

    Cultures by Entrepreneur Inc.

  • 5

    Startups built and sold in-house

  • 20+

    Of our clients acquired / IPO

  • 85

    Our net promoter score (NPS)

  • 300K

    Blog readers / month

Our noble cause

In order to succeed, we have to nurture a culture that wants to play a part in elevating people’s experiences and making things better.

It starts with creating the habit of elevating the experiences within Telepathy to empower our team and then elevating the experiences of our clients and their users.

It then extends beyond what we do today, when we then ask ourselves “How do we craft the best life experiences for the world?”

We are a tribe

We were founded as “Digital Telepathy” by 2 best friends with a vision to accomplish great things together while having a great time doing it.

We wanted to create a philosophically-driven company that blurred the lines between friends and co-workers, acted as a platform to pursue our passions and changed our perception of how fulfilling a job can be.

So always had a tribal mentality and run our business by the collective culture we have uncovered. This elevates us and the people we work with.

Learning is in our DNA
We collaborate with our clients
We’re involved in the community…
We help spread design thinking
We break bread together
We are family
We teach others

We are guided by values

We created the Tao of Telepathy as a direct reflection of our culture and values. It serves as a platform that guides our vision, services and how we measure our success. Simply put, it’s how we run our company by our culture.

Be driven for growth

As a member of the Telepathy culture, you should have an ongoing desire to grow yourself and make an impact on the growth of those around you.

See the potential in everyone and everything

The key is to see the potential in yourself, your clients, projects, relationships, and in your surroundings, that others cannot see. Be inquisitive. There is always more potential to unlock in ourselves and the world around us.

Take initiative to make it better

Taking initiative is about being empowered to make a difference, but not being afraid to make mistakes. If your initiative doesn’t work, pick yourself up and try again until you make something better.

Care about your coworkers, clients and users

It’s more than just being friendly and putting in a few long nights. It’s truly connecting, building trust and being highly dependable to everyone: your team, customers and community.

Challenge the norm with soul

Since day one, Telepathy has challenged the status quo. As a result, we’ve developed a unique and soulful business philosophy that sets us apart from the competition.

Be an owner

You have the freedom to own your path at Telepathy. Don’t be limited to your job description. Everyone involved in a project owns the project. Be honest, accountable and hold others accountable.

Contribute to the tribe

We are givers, not takers. Contribution leads to great fulfillment in life. It gives you a sense of ownership and impact, and it’s not so hard to do.

We believe in giving back

For every one of our accomplishments, we've made many mistakes. So once we proudly share our breakthroughs in design methodology and company culture with our community so they succeed faster. Here's some of our latest content.

Rapid Prototyping

Infusing soul into Nixon’s first smart watch

We collaborated with Nixon and pro athlete Todd Richards to design a wearable experience tailored to the surfer audience.

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