Innovative concepts, whether practical or imaginative, can help progress creatives and their work to the next level. By breaking rules, ignoring common conventions, and testing the limits of design, we can create opportunities that allow us to enhance and improve our work. Take a look at some of these brilliantly designed interactions from Dribbble, and let them inspire creativity in your own work today.

The Side Nav Revisited

Appointment by Paresh Khatri

Browse Shows – iOS App by Umar Irshad

Dialoggs – Collapsible Menu by Drew Wilson

Dashboard – Realtor Project by Brian Waddington

Zendesk Project Lotus by Jason Wu

Page Curls and Peels

Qiwy iOS app curl test by Mikael Eidenberg

Inside (first draft) – iPad – UI/UI/iOS by Cuberto

Peel Back by Juan Sanchez

Curl by Prathyush Pramod

Bookmark for Magazines by Ugur Akdemir

Folding Screens

Photofold by Supratim Nayak

Fold to unlock iOS style by Anton Kudin

Flipweek agenda by Wouter ● Bread&Pepper

UX/iOS idea with video process by Cuberto

Unlock Concept by Guillaume Gaubert

Complex Tooltips, Modals, and Popups

Category popup by Fares Farhan

Wunderlist Mini by Tanveer Junayed

Paris in the Spring by Dave Ruiz

Dashboard by Kerem Suer

Modal Window by Ionut Zamfir

Switch Elements

On Off Switch for iOS App by Cosmin Neagu

Qiwy iOS app switches by Mikael Eidenberg

Buttons, Lights & Shadows by Fernando Maclen

Toggle Buttons by Onur Orhon

Rocker switch v2 by Mike Bernardo

Interfaces with Depth and Layers

Credit Card by Matthew Sanders

Robots in disguise by Austin Bales

Circle by musHo

iPhone App UI by Filip Chudzinski

App Remix: Lose It! by Carl DeCaire

Progress & Loading Bars

FoodSimple Meal Manager by Handsome

Mini Music Player by Daryl Ginn

Countdown by Kerem Suer

Deloitte iPhone application by Deloitte Digital Australia

Progress bar lives by dimga

Social Sharing

Share Button by Patrik Larsson

Share by 3DROPS

Facebook button concept by Erik Deiner

Share Bar (Animated) by Shaun Moynihan

Tweet this by Eddie Lobanovskiy

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