Basecamp ExtensionThe web browser can be a temperamentalĀ beastĀ burdened with crashes, unexpected closures and accidental back button maneuvers. Some of these “mishaps” happen at the most inopportuneĀ times, like in the middle of a lengthy and perhaps genius message or comment in Basecamp.

Well, the above scenario happened to us at dt more than we care to remember and we set out to give users a little insurance on their Basecamp messages. So we built the Autosave for Basecamp Chrome extension to seamlessly autosave any message or comment just in case your Chrome browser crashes or you accidentally close your window. All you have to do is navigate back to the message/comment and “Viola!” – your text and ideas are safe and sound.

Autosave for Basecamp

Utilizing HTML 5 local storage capabilities, this extension will autosave your message so you can refresh or resume typing the message at a later time. Don’t worry about having multiple messages being autosaved since each message is saved uniquely based off the URL. You can also manually clear out saved messages or the extension will automatically clear out a message once the form has been submitted.

To download and review the full list of features supported with this extension click on the link below.

Download: Autosave for Basecamp