Remember when we made sharing designs with clients a heck of a lot easier with subdomains? Well we’re constantly making that process even better (we just can’t help ourselves). At DT, we’re always open to ways to reduce friction in collaborating with clients. The subdomain process we created allows us to share one single link with our clients to view wireframes and designs. Boom. Friction removed.

I want to shed more light on some of the ways in which we use the subdomain process and how we are constantly evolving it. We talked about how syncing Dropbox to the subdomain eliminated the need for an FTP client but didn’t dive too deep into how we use it. While everyone gets creative and uses the subdomain to meet their specific client needs, here are the three most common uses:


Moodboards: We use subdomains to share moodboards, and JPGs can be dropped straight into the subdomain folders for organization to be viewed easily with a link.


Wireframes: We use Axure for our wireframes. Generating HTML files from Axure to the client subdomain folder gets them on the client subdomain for easy viewing.


Design Sharing & Collaboration: A new subdomain hack has been linking our InVision-shared designs to the subdomain. By creating a text file and naming it Designs-Link (-link is necessary) and then dropping the InVision share link into that file, the InVision designs show up on the subdomain. Clients can access the designs in one click and have less links to manage.


Incorporating InVision into our design share process allows clients to comment directly on the design for quick feedback. The workflow is so simple that we didn’t even need to prompt our clients to comment, they just went for it. This also eliminates the need for a meeting every time designs are shared.


That is our process! And hopefully this documentation can be a resource that makes us even more agile. How do you share designs with clients? What do you find works best?