Let the countdown begin! Three of us from Digital Telepathy are headed to INBOUND, a marketing conference and industry event in Boston. We are stoked to have the opportunity to mingle with other marketers and executives from companies including HubSpot, NEO, Google and GoDaddy—and many others. More than 13,000 people will be in attendance this year at the Beantown convention center from September 8-11, so in order to help our friends (and future friends!) who’ll also be attending, we created this fun and “very unofficial” guide to INBOUND. 

Download the PDF and fold it up for your wallet or purse.
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Points of Interest

As you may have noticed, this infographic was brought to you by Filament Pro. Filament is DT’s newest product designed to make reporting web analytics a whole lot better. Of course we’re biased, but we think Filament is a great tool for content marketing professionals to understand if their content is resonating with their audience. The engagement data it provides helps publishers create even more compelling content for their readers. 

We use it on our very-own DT blog, too. You’re welcome 🙂

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This deal won’t come around again. It’s for early supporters whom we are calling, “Charter members,” so please, join us.

Come Say, “Hi!”

Come find us, give us a high-five, and we’ll give you a sweet Filament sticker! As we mentioned, three of us  from DT will be at INBOUND 2015. Here’s our INBOUND “on-the-ground team,” including some talks we’ll be attending and our Twitter handles. Let’s talk.


Lauren Ventura – Senior Copywriter

Catch me if you can on Wednesday (9/9) at one of my most anticipated sessions, “The Neuroscience of Memorable Content” at 11:45AM. It’s my topic du-jour lately and I can’t wait to glean more insights to power-up my writing. @DoItWriteNow


Brent Summers – Director of Marketing

I’m going to INBOUND to sharpen skills that will help our UX design firm grow, and to launch Filament, our new content analytics product. I hope you’ll join me for “Product is the New Marketing” on Thursday (9/10) from 11:45AM. @brentsummers


Samantha Anderson – Content Strategist

My focus for INBOUND is the intersection of content marketing, SEO and traditional PR. You’ll find me on Wednesday (9/9) at 4:45PM at “Using Analytics to Create Content,” and at “How to Use Media Relations to Drive SEO” at 1:30PM and  “Growth Hacking Your Content” at 2:30PM on Thursday (9/10), to name a few. @SamAnderson41

Hope to see you in Boston!