Looking back over the last couple years, we’ve published a variety of helpful posts and video clips that offer best practices for businesses. Today I’m sharing a selection of fourteen resources that guide our objective-based design approach. Our articles and videos come from our day-to-day experiences as we keep innovating and making the web a better place. We hope these resources inspire you to keep improving as you continue on your company’s journey.

Which articles and videos in the list do you resonate with? Do any strike a nerve? Let us know in the comments!

Start on the Right Foot

1. Right People + Right Place = Right KickoffMAF kickoff feature image

Getting the right people in the room — and going with the flow — are two tickets to a superstar kickoff.

2. How Engaging Storytelling Can Improve Your WebsiteStorytelling feature image

Establish your story, and unite your team around it.

3. When Should You Invest in Design? Always.When Should You Invest in Design? Always. feature image

If you’re in charge of the project, pick the right team — or freelancer — to create your design.

4. 27 Tools Our Design Company Couldn’t Live WithoutTools We Can't Live Without feature image

Prepare by rounding up your resources & getting your whole company in gear.

Stay Flexible

5. Doing the Right WorkDoing the Right Work feature image

Using an objective-based design business model — with clear objectives and regular design check-ins — lets us focus on what’s important.

6. Are You Building the Agile Web (or the Pyramids)?Building Agile Web or Pyramids? feature image

The web certainly isn’t set in stone. As this post explains, staying agile is key to controlling costs, reducing time, and maximizing scope.

7. Take Your Strategy Session From Good to GreatTurn Your Strategy Session From Good to Great feature image

Rapidly Iterate & Test

8. Reducing Friction in 3 Days: How We Streamlined Subdomain Creation with DropboxDropbox Betterment feature image

Quickly create an MVP and keep iterating with your whole team.

9. The Snowball Effect of Constant ImprovementSnowball Effect of Constant Improvement feature image

Keep striving for a better final product. Incremental changes can yield exponential results.

10. The Formula for Better App DesignBetter Lesson feature image

Follow a formula for better app design, with details from our work with Better Lesson.

11. Designing for Success with New Relic: How Testing Simple Landing Page Elements Yielded a Triple-Digit ImprovementNew Relic Landing Page Results feature image

See how A/B testing radically improved our results with New Relic’s landing pages.

Unveil the final product

12. Product Launch Done Wrong: Internet Explorer 11 (from DT-tv)

Screenshot from DT-tv

As we recount the missteps, we glean important lessons from IE11’s launch (and its unfortunate failure to reclaim its prior glory).

13. How NOT to do a PR launchHow NOT to do a product launch feature image

A lesson from our vaults, with tips to get your next launch right.

14. Product Launch Done Right: Facebook Paper (from DT-tv)

Screenshot from DT-tv