You may have thought that our posts about DT’s team lunches, office birthday surprises, and everyday culture were inspiring and motivating. Sometimes the benefits of working at our office seem too good to be true, so we’ve mixed together true and false facts about our culture. Since it’s April Fools, we’re asking you to guess which facts are are false. For starters, the sushi in the featured image is a real photo of our on-site sushi lunch extravaganza. 

Tell us your guesses in the comments & we’ll get back to you!

Here we go: At DT…

Digital Telepathy’s Believe It or Not

1. Each designer gets at least 6 monitors.

Two monitors are never enough. We want people to watch their favorite surf contest, basketball game, and video hangout with their colleagues — all at the same time.

2. We drink unlimited smoothies with complementary ingredients.

When you hear the roar of the Vitamix and the “Smoooooothie time!” call reverberate through the office, prepare yourself for a tall, cool glass of berries, greens, whey protein, flax meal, almond milk, etc. to keep you energized throughout the day.

3. Everybody gets a pet!

Why get a class — errr, office — pet when everyone can have their own? Every new employee is given a pet of their choice to teach responsibility — and provide constant fodder for their Instagram feed.

4. We have 24/7 access to an idea shower.

You know how you get great ideas in the shower? Feeling uncreative at work? Jump in the DT creative shower, complete with waterproof whiteboard.

5. We have a “yes slippers, no problem” policy.

We’re allowed to wear fuzzy animal slippers while we’re shuffling around the office. Feel like wearing your wool socks? No worries, we’re cool with all varieties of foot attire.

6. We snack on gourmet beef jerky.

We’ll admit it: We’re jerky addicts. Every month we get a special stock of jerky from a different source via Sumo Jerky.

7. We get health insights from our own Director of Vitality.

That’s right, we have an office health expert who gives us advice on all things health, from nutrition to exercise. Our team lunches feature cooking demos (hummus, vegetable stock, etc.), introductions to new supplements in the office, and samples of new foods (wheat grass shots, cherimoyas, loquats, etc.).

8. Every caffeine fix comes from a telepathic barista.

Why waste time and energy walking to Starbucks? We have a telepathic barista in-house, so you don’t have to say a word (and they’ll even get your latte art design just like you envisioned it!).

9. We take water management seriously.

Due to the drought, we’ve recycled the same water for the past year. All toilets, sinks, drinking fountains are on a cycle.

10. We better the web using 10Gbit/sec internet.

UX design is pretty awesome, but in 2014, we’re going to diversify our business and take on Akamai, so we installed a 10 gigabit connection directly to the internet backbone.

11. We have on-site yoga 2x/month.

Dancer pose is an office favorite. Forgot your yoga pants? Feel free to practice in your jeans! (Trust us, it’s happened.)

12. We find our super powers.

You may not be able to fly or turn into The Hulk, but you most certainly have a Super Power. Each Friday, meet with our CEO, Professor X, and find how be the coolest Super Hero ever (or Super Villain)!

13. Alpaca team sweaters.

We keep our own alpacas out back, so when you get here you get to knit your own team sweater. Super snuggly.

14. Never run out of TP again.

It all started with hand dryers in our restrooms. We’ve moved on to the Numi. A toilet with built-in user presets via a touchscreen interface, including a bidet, heated seat, and drying function!

15. A lot of our dads are named Steve.

It’s a growing trend that our dads are named Steve. In fact, last week three team members were in a meeting room and all of them realized their dads are named Steve. Other top “dad names” include Frank.

16. We do shots of booze over lunch.

Irish car bombs on St. Patty’s? Of course. Sake with sushi? For sure. A brew with your homemade lunch? Duh.

17. We have our own beer.

Sip on a Saison while you’re guiding the web into the future. It’s only a hop, skip, and a jump to our dedicated Beta Brew fridge upstairs.

Can you tell which of these unbelievable facts are actually false?

Tell us what your guesses are in the comments, and we’ll let you know if you got them right 🙂 Does DT’s culture look like one you want to join? Then check out our open jobs at our career page!