2015 was an amazing year for this blog – we got to swap ideas with some of the foremost thinkers in the design industry and shared a ton of the knowledge we’ve continued to accumulate in the pursuit of our craft – and we’ve continued to have fun doing it too.

As we careen into 2016 with anticipation of the year ahead, now’s the perfect time to review the things we’ve learned and see what we can apply to our endeavors moving forward. With that in mind, I humbly present to you the 2016 Digital Telepathy UX Survival Kit – the 5 very best posts from this blog in the last year!

“Ugh, a listicle? From you guys, especially?!”

Jay-Z hates listicles as much as you do.

Guilty as charged, your honor. BUT WAIT! In true, Making a Murderer style, there’s another twist to this story that… Changes. Everything.

The following list was actually curated by the world’s first artificial intelligence blog post analysis system. You see, in 2015 we developed an advanced machine-learning algorithm specifically tuned to deliver better-than-human blog content analysis in collaboration with the AI Deep Research Unit at the University of W–


Hee, hee ;)

Hee, hee 😉

Just kidding 😉

In truth, we did do a bunch of research, but capped it off with a highly-caffeinated and passionate meeting to decide which posts you’d get the most value from in the coming year (forgive me, I couldn’t resist messing with you a little).

So here they are! These are the 5 very best posts that we think will prepare you to thrive in 2016. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re in the early research stages to identify your biggest improvement opportunities, right through to practical, leading-edge tactics and insightful approaches to measuring the fruits of your labor.

So settle back and take another sip of that coffee. You’re going to be unstoppable this year.

Quicklinks to the posts:

Strategic UX: The Art of Reducing Friction

Experience mapping to identify friction in a user experience

The gist: Friction in UX is defined as interactions that inhibit people within a digital interface. Here are the most important developments accelerating the design of frictionless products.


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How I used customer feedback to boost conversions by 30%

The gist: Skydiving content czar and human marketing encyclopedia Sujan Patel reminds us of the massive benefits you can unlock by taking the time to listen to your customers, and shows how to use customer feedback to grow your company.


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Enterprise software doesn’t have to suck

The gist: The software that runs the world is full of friction. We see this as a huge opportunity for betterment through design.


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Improve your customer’s experience with Experience Mapping


The gist: A unique process to identify customer pain points, so you can know where to focus your design and marketing efforts. (And yes, although we posted this one in January, we started writing it waaay before that – still counts!) 😉


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Objective-Based Design: A creative approach to solving any business challenge


The gist: A design philosophy that accomplishes business objectives by improving the user’s experience.


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Here’s to an amazing 2016

With the in-depth knowledge of this list under your arm, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle almost any design hurdle. Cheers!