What’s the secret sauce to becoming a 100% awesome designer? While there’s a lot of experience and dedication that goes into being a world-class designer, doing your research beforehand (and throughout your career) sure doesn’t hurt. That’s why we’ve done a bit of research for you by rounding up the posts from our blog that we think will equip you to go out there and rock at UX.

Let us know what articles are the most salient for you and your career. Give us a shout in the comments!

The Basics

1. UX Flows: How to Craft Effective Sign-upsA colorful star-like pattern of triangles that looks 3D with white text reading "UX Flows"

Brush up on the fundamentals of solid design! In this first post of the series, learn how to keep sign-ups simple (but not too simple) with examples from the best sign-ups on the web.

2. UX Flows: How to Turn Onboarding into an Amazing First Date With Your UserA star-like pattern that looks 3D with the text "UX Flows: Onboarding"

Create an enjoyable onboarding experience, and have fun letting your user get to know you. This and more in the GIF-ful post!

3. UX Flows: How to Create Navigations That Guide Users to the GoalA star-like pattern that looks 3D with the text "UX Flows: Navigation"

When guiding your user through your site, consider all the navigation options. Get much more on the lessons learned in the post’s takeaways.

4. Using Color Theory to Create a Better Color PaletteA graphic of an eyedropper on a white circle with a pattern of colored squares behind it

Learn how to create perfect palettes that users find delightful.

5. On Incorporating the Aqueous Production Process of a Unicorn A graphic of a big desktop computer that's half design & half code with a heart in the center, and then a man with a unicorn's head standing next to it.

It’s true; knowing about both code and design is important. Here’s how to meld the two.

6. The Ideal Bookshelf for DesignersA graphic showing the spines of the books we recommend in our post

An outstanding artist continually refines their craft — and keeps reading. Get great suggestions for what to make sure you’ve read.

7. When is Your Design Just Decoration? (Hint: When Your Users Say So)An illustration that's half uniform lines on a red background, and half decorative squiggles on blue.

Reflecting on the design v. decoration debate, we look to user testing to tell us if designs are little too over-the-top.

The Axes

8. 25 Alluring Y-Axis Sites (That Will Keep You Scrolling)A graphic of a bunch of arrows overlapping and pointing in a wave-like pattern

Need a catchy effect in your design? Try a little y-axis magic!

9. Creating Depth in Design: Z-Axis InspirationA photo of a slightly disarranged Rubik's cube

Solve for UI conundrums with the help of clever layering.

The Microinteractions

10. 40 Excellent Examples of Attention to Detail That Fill Us With DelightA photo of an intricately carved arch in a well-lit building

Start wowing your audience with details that endear your site or product to your users.

11. 40 More Delightful Examples of Attention to DetailAn up-close photo of a ceramic flower pot with a leaf engraving

The web’s abounding with great microinteractions… and there’s always a new delight that you can invent!

The Photoshop & Design Resources

12. 50 Photoshop Tricks for a Fast-Paced Work EnvironmentGraphic of a clock with Photoshop logo.

Give this legendary post a whirl, and get your PS skills up to speed!

13. 25 Best Practices for Collaborative Work in PhotoshopGraphic of three people, Photoshop, and hearts

This beloved collection of Photoshop hacks has made its way into many hearts (OK, well, at least many workflows!). We’ll bet that these tips will win you over, too 🙂

14. The Ultimate Roundup of Design ToolsRugged wooden background that says "The Ultimate Roundup of Design Tools"

The best of the best plugins, inspiration, equipment.

The Storytelling

15. 20 Examples of Long Form Content with Great UX DesignGraphic of six different web page wireframes

Quality storytelling experiences are on the rise, and it’s a designer’s job to make great content shine!

16. 25 Extremely Readable Editorial Site DesignsCollage of letters clipped from magazines

When a designer pays close attention to detail, a user’s reading experience can go from “meh” to marvelous.

17. How Engaging Storytelling Can Improve Your WebsiteIllustration of Little Red Riding Hood with a flow chart, a lightbulb, and a laptop

Create emotional connections with your audience, unite your team around a shared vision, and read this post to find out more about why telling stories is an important use of your time.

The Typography

18. Expand Your Typography Repertoire: 11 Great Web Font SitesGraphic of the letters of the word "typography" spread across a lined background, like a musical score

Nothing says “pro designer” like an impressive selection of well-chosen fonts. Check out these sites to know where to go and find atypical typography.

19. 26 Free Condensed Fonts to Propel Your Next ProjectA narrow walkway with tall hedges of stones on either side

Tight on space? Tight on cash? Why go to great lengths to find another free font resource? We’ve rounded up some great ones right here 😉

20. Our 50 Favorite Fonts So Far in 2013A collage of random cut-out letters in muted tones

Our team of DT designers shares its #1 picks (50 of ’em!) for both web and print.