Viral growth is the holy grail for Web-based companies. Entrepreneurs spend late nights thinking of tactics like funny videos, PR stunts, Facebook quizzes and other mechanics that can make their product “go viral.” Viral growth is alluring because it 1) can generate a ton of users quickly, 2) the follow-on viral-acquired users are typically free, and 3) it generates press and buzz which in turn fuel the viral loop.

Free users and lots of buzz? It’s no wonder everyone is working on one viral hack or another. But viral growth is not just a happy accident. Products are designed from the start to encourage viral growth. Those that go viral have the right combination of hooks designed into the user experience, a value proposition aligned with viral mechanics, and a use case that drives the cycle time of the invite/referral loop.

Looking for a primer on designing for viral growth? We hope this infographic is just what you’re looking for.

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How to Design for Viral Growth

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