The single most important aspect of a website is a clearly defined Call To Action (CTA). Every website Calls their users to Act on at least one thing. A CTA usually employs a button and has many forms;  Read, Follow, Call, Sign Up, Contact, Buy, Add, Share…etc.

Now this is nothing new. It’s web design 101. However, more often than not, websites are littered with way too many CTA buttons, each with the same priority and level on the page. CTA buttons have become highly distracting and feel more like a sales pitch than a shopping experience. It’s like a bad acid trip on the Vegas strip.

I say you can do more with less. Reduce the number of calls to action to one main button and increase the options within that button with a simple dropdown. Give each CTA dimension and enable users to choose how they want to contact, sign up, download…etc on your website without giving them a smorgasbord of single level choices.

Here are a few examples:

We used it for SlideDeck as a way to select which version or price of the software to purchase. At the time of this post, we are using a matrix but still use the CTA on landing pages.

It’s what made AddThis wildly popular and a nobrainer to add to millions of pages.

Apple uses it on their trailer pages as a way to choose your size and format.

It even works within the nav menu. This is the rollover state of the Reuters World & Markets tab.

Post a comment with other examples that you have seen or designed.

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