If you have a website for your business, converting visitors to leads and customers is the lifeblood of your success. Everything you do, from the copy, to the user experience, to the design should all be geared at improving the rate at which you convert website visitors to customers.

We worked with CrazyEgg.com to redesign their site with a goal of improving the conversion rate. The new design improved conversions 21.6% in 30 days. Now we’re back for another redesign for the leading heat mapping company, and we’ve pushed it even further with a brand new experience. We bet you’ve never seen a site like this before. We wrote a case study on the CrazyEgg redesign, and we’ve elaborated on a few of the high points below.

CrazyEgg Case Study

1. Let Them Try it Before They Buy It

Heat maps are a powerful way to visualize your web traffic and how people engage with your site; but they can be tough to explain without actually seeing one. So the goal of the redesign was to get the product in the hands of visitors from the get-go. We knew that the product was powerful, the heat maps could sell themselves.

The same old screen captures and boring demo videos are tired. We wanted to avoid them and instead focused on creating an experience where visitors can get their hands on the product and let them try it before buying it. So we dedicated a full third of the homepage to a real live heat map that lets visitors get right to trying it out without any additional steps necessary.

2. Align the Brand with the Audience

The old CrazyEgg.com site was care free and whimsical in terms of its design, but heat maps are a serious analytics tool that can be the difference between success or failure for online businesses. For enterprise companies, they can be worth millions of dollars in revenue. We wanted the brand to reflect the value of the product. Elements such as the clouds were dialed way down and we went for a more typography-driven design with less reliance on illustrated elements. These changes position CrazyEgg.com as a must have tool for online businesses of all sizes.

3. Pay Attention to the Details

The first thing everyone notices is the big heat map, which is exactly what we want, but we also spent a lot of time on getting the details right too. Spend a few minutes on the site and you’ll realize that there are plenty of finishing touches put on the user experience. Everything from split-second delays and timing elements on the heat map demo, to fun and unique interactions on the pricing page, are designed to create a seamless user experience that builds confidence and conversions.

4. Test, Learn, and Never Be Satisfied

Sure, we could’ve stopped at 21.6% improvement and let the new design just keep cranking away; but the power of the web is that it allows you to constantly test, learn and iterate to drive ever-greater results. If you’re not pushing your design, pushing your website to do more for you, you’re leaving money on the table. Take a look at your website’s current conversion and see how you can apply these tips to make it work harder for you. Read the full case study for more information on what we did. And if you need help, you can always talk to us. Design that makes a difference is what we’re all about.