Our team is proud to introduce the latest iteration of the DT blog. We designed and built this from the ground up, with the core design objective of improving the quality of your reading experience. Please go forth and explore our improved category and author pages to go deep into our archives. You’ll be steeped in beautiful typography and brand new assets alongside new features like polls, estimated reading times, improved listicle formats, photo galleries and curated reading lists. We hope you’ll enjoy our content more than ever.

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We identified opportunities for dramatic improvement in our design..

Our goal is to educate and inspire others to positively impact the world with design. If you love what you see, please share this post with your friends. And, if you come across something that doesn’t work let us know (hello[at]digital-telepathy[dot]com).

Photo Galleries for Visual Stories

Running a blog about design has its challenges. Words are awesome, but design is (at least in part) a visual experience. Our improved photo galleries leverage a core WordPress feature and will help us use images to more effectively tell detailed visual stories.

These are just thumbnails, click on any of the to see the full-size image and a caption. Huzzah.

A More Inspiring List Style

Listicles have always driven a great deal of traffic to our blog. In fact, our single most popular piece of content is 50 Beautiful Color Palettes for Your Next Web Design. As helpful as long lists can be, they were also a bit of a pain to get through on our old theme. Our new list format uses a lot less Y-Axis to round-up best in-class examples of ux, color, fonts, or any other facet of design.

Here is our new list format in action.


50 Beautiful Color Palettes

We scoured the web to assemble this all-star list of beautiful color palettes. In fact, I painted my house after #11, The State of the Owner.


26 Free Condensed Fonts

When you’re tight on space a condensed font can be just what the doctor ordered. This round up shows off 26 of our favorite condensed fonts — and they’re all free.


30 Bold and Clean Web Design for Inspiration

The DT blog is a place to educate and inspire you. These 30 bold and clean websites inspire us. Check them out!


40 Well-Crafted Things We Are Thankful For

Meet the crew at Digital Telepathy. You’ll love this GIF-tastic list.

Our Commitment to Quality

Did you know the blog is actually 9 years old? We started the DT Blog in 2005 as a way of giving back to the startup and design community. DT is a highly collaborative organization, and sharing what we’ve learned with each other has been a huge factor in growing our agency and products.

We know you want awesome content to go along with an awesome reading experience. That’s why we’ve been working our network to find new guest writers like Jeff Gothelf and Kedron Rhodes.  If you’re interested in becoming a blog contributor, it’s as easy as filling out a form and attaching a completed draft for our editorial team to review. What are you waiting for? Write for us

Throughout 2014 we surveyed our readers with Qualaroo and conducted user interviews, and asked contributors how we could make an even better blog. This helpful feedback, your feedback, has provided an immense amount of inspiration. Hearing what we were doing right, and where we had opportunities to get better has kept our team focused on a broad set of strategic enhancements that we believe will aid us in being more effective storytellers.

Making Content More Accessible and Convenient

Our content is diverse because our audience is diverse. It may seem obvious that our core audience is designers at various stages of their career. But we’re also fortunate to have almost half of our readers identify as something other than designer. In fact, over 10% of our audience is made up of product and project managers. And another 10% are managers or directors within a variety of departments.

Design as a Competitive Advantage View Reading List

To help everyone find content that is relevant and helpful we have curated several reading lists. These are intended to help new visitors become familiar with our design philosophies and content, and to make our aging (but still all-star) content more accessible.

From a vanity metrics standpoint, we’d love to see a big up-tick in our Pages Per Visit (PPV). But what’s more meaningful to us is driving deeper engagement with our content, and cultivating advocates who want to contribute and share content. To make binging a little more convenient, we’ve implemented an “estimated reading time” and a “save for later” feature. So, if you find a post you’re into but don’t have 10 minutes to dive in, just email the post to yourself for reading at a later date. Pretty neat huh?

There is More Where this Came From

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed learning about a few of the new features. Our team is stoked for the future of the blog. We have a fresh WordPress install and a whole lot to say. You’ll continue to hear from us twice each week in 2015 and we plan to freshen up our premium resoures and case studies that share specific details about how we achieved success through design.

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In fact, in the weeks to come we plan to dive deep into how we designed our own blog. Looking back over the past 6 months of strategy, design, and development has yielded an impressive battery of whiteboards, sketches, and design iterations using InVision and Axure. We think you’ll really enjoy taking a peek behind the curtain.

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