Being designers, we couldn’t help but notice some design changes to the Instagram app. It quickly became a conversation today at lunch, so we thought we would share a few thoughts from our team.

First of all, what’s changed?

The major changes were the button intent colors. Rather than the bright green “Following” button you used to see when visiting a page you’re following, you now see a stroked button style.

Additionally, they’ve swaped the blue stroked follow button for a blue solid filled one for those you aren’t yet following.


Similar to the first two changes, before you’d see a stroked button for those you were not yet following, and a filled green for those you were. Now you will see a filled blue button for those you are not following, and stroked grey for those you are following.



Now that you’re up to speed, see what our designers had to say:

Claude Piche, Senior UX/UI Designer


“I’m a huge fan of how the simple black and white UI lets the content shine in the feed, because that is the main goal: to look at pictures without any distractions! The colors in the UI are used with such a perfect intent, blue for action. Simple and purely effective.

I also love the use of the gradient stroke for the Instagram stories. It reflects their branding and does a nice job of calling out a new section in the app.” – @peecho

Guy Meyer, Senior UX/UI Designer


“In a world of phones capable of more vibrant colors, it makes sense that Instagram needs to pull back on the use of color in their UI to help the content stand on it’s own. Restricting themselves to one button color is a testament to good UX in that a given screen should have one primary action.” – @agenericguy

Ryan Lange, Experience Designer


“The new user intent colors feel more social (if that is even possible)! They really draw in a user’s eye and feel very clickable, making it easy to follow and find new friends. For the friends you already have relationships with, the new coloration style makes it seem like drawing color away encourages you not to click, helping to maintain that relationship.” – @RyanLange

Let us know what you think about this update in the comments!