To get wisdom, first get understanding; so the old proverb goes. When a visitor comes to your website, they’re looking to get wise about what you’re offering. In order to get smart enough to make a decision to buy, they need to understand what you do and what you sell. That’s where an exceptional product tour can shine – turning a first-time visitor into a customer. We’ve identified seven exceptional product tours to help get you inspired.

You’ll see from the collection below that tours can be used for consumer ecommerce, B2B websites, SAAS subscription services and free product downloads. In each instance, these product tours help visitors get to a decision by first getting understanding. While each one is different, they all share similar fundamental characteristics that are core to any good product tour.

Fundamentals of Exceptional Product Tours

  1. Sequential steps – Each slide is clearly defined and moves the visitor down the path to becoming a customer
  2. Bite sized – Each slide highlights one important aspect of the product or service that is easy to digest and understand
  3. Short and to the point – The tours are succinct and deliver key value propositions in a compact form that respects the visitor’s time
  4. Clear call to action – Each tour ends with a clear call to action that helps the visitor take the next step to becoming a customer

Seven Exceptional Product Tours


Mint's product tour emphasizes the security and simplicity of the service

Visit The Tour

Why it works:

Apple iPhone4S

Apple uses beautiful, nearly full-screen visuals and unique transitions to guide the viewer through the iPhone 4S' new features Visit the Tour

Why it works:

OpenCandy (built with SlideDeck!)

OpenCandy's SlideDeck-powered product tour is simple and straightforward, and guides users to the call-to-action

Visit the Tour

Why it works:

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor keeps visitors smoothly progressing through the tour and ends each step with a prominent call to action Visit the Tour

Why it works:


Path uses a fullscreen video tour on their homepage to clearly illustrate what it's like to use the appVisit the Tour

Why it works:


Wufoo offers a flexible product tour that allows visitors to jump in and out at any pointVisit the Tour

Why it works:


Basecamp uses a full-page slider to allow seamless navigation through a lot of information in their tour

Visit the Tour

Why it works:

Is a Product Tour Right for Your Site?

In an age of shortening attention spans, long, text-filled pages don’t get the job done. Product tours create a highly visual and crystal clear explanation of the value your product or service provides. If you have a product that needs explanation, or that isn’t easy to grasp in a few short seconds, consider using a product tour to help your visitors get understanding to help them make the decision to become your customer.

Have a favorite product tour that isn’t listed here? Has a product tour helped your site? Let us know in the comments, and we might feature it in a future post on product tours.