South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) is a rite of passage if you’re building products and services for the Web. Austin, one of the coolest towns in America, swells with geeks from every corner of the globe to network, learn, party, and find the next breakout techstars. For as fun as it can be, it can also be overwhelming. And like anything popular, it can be hard to find the experience you’re looking for among all the noise. So we created our very own, Very Unofficial SXSW Field Guide to help you hack Interactive and have an awesome time in the process.

This guide includes everything we wish we knew our first time at South By:

We went analog with the guide, but you can also find a mobile-friendly version here for when you can actually connect to a network. There are two sizes, one for legal paper and one for 8.5 x 11. So print it out, steal some pencils from a nearby bowling alley or IKEA, and head out to SXSWi armed and slightly more dangerous. Share this with your friends and make your South By experience epic. We’ll see you on the RVIP!

Download the Very Unofficial SXSWi Field Guide

All Files are PDFs

How To Make Your SXSWi Field Guide

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Mobile Version

SXSWi field guide mobile version