By now, it’s a well-known fact that a better user experience directly translates into greater customer engagement, retention and revenue – and yet 9 out of 10 businesses we surveyed said they’re lagging behind their competitors when it comes to UX! [source]

That’s why we’re channeling our 15 years-worth of experience making stunning “Eureka!” breakthroughs and learning from facepalm-worthy mistakes into this exclusive free course, designed to teach you how to grow your business through the power of UX design.


Way more than just another UX whitepaper

Just because user experience design is serious business, doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it. Elevating life’s experiences is our passion, so we’ve loaded this course up with a collection of sweet resources and tools. Each tutorial only takes a few minutes to digest, and is designed to make you smarter and more confident in your UX capabilities.

You’ll be better equipped and able to identify impactful opportunities to immediately improve your customer’s experience – regardless of your role in your company. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get:



The HEART Metrics framework

We partnered with Google Ventures to produce this engaging animated guide to choosing the best metrics for measuring your UX efforts. You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to pinpoint the metrics that truly matter for your business, (and start sounding super-smart in the process).


ROI of UX excerpt

Exclusive infographic: the ROI of UX

Although the numbers don’t lie, they do tend to make people’s eyes glaze over. Convince even the most hardened UX skeptics with this infographic that visually explains the business case for focusing on a better customer experience – and what your business could be missing out on by ignoring this huge opportunity.


Exclusive Video Tutorial: Objective-Based Design (our secret sauce)

Chuck Longanecker, CEO & Founder of Digital Telepathy personally walks you through the iterative UX design framework that we’ve successfully applied to support some of the fastest-growing startups in the world. We call it Objective-Based Design, and it can be applied to improve virtually any business.


Perfect for you – whatever you do

This series of tutorials and resources will guide you step-by-step as you create your own innovative UX design strategy for your business from scratch – and the best part is there’s something in here for everyone:

For CEOs & Founders: We’re going to dish all the advice that’s fit to print on identifying where to focus your design firepower to move the needle for your objectives. How’s that sound?

For Marketing & Product Pros: You’re going to be getting tools, tips and resources for researching game-changing breakthroughs and creating innovative, effective design strategies. We’ll also guide you towards implementing iterative design workflows with your teams. Word.

For Designers: Expect tons more practical advice and resources geared toward advocating for better UX to your stakeholders, whether they’re your clients, upper management, or even the next person in line at the grocery store. You’re welcome!


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“This is your official invitation to absorb everything I know through a series of webinars, workshops and other exclusive content that we are producing this year. Whether you’re a brand-new startup CEO, a product or marketing pro at a large brand, or part of a design agency, you’ll be getting gritty details and useful resources that’ll help you up your UX game and make a positive difference in your business.”

Chuck Longanecker
Founder & CEO, Digital Telepathy | @DTChuck