Great web design is one of the critical components which give your business a clear edge over your competitors.  Both functional and emotional, design is the cornerstone of user experience (UX).  Without an outstanding UX, it’s hard to engage, retain and convert users.  It’s human nature to judge a book by its cover, and a user’s evaluation of your online presence is no different.  People visiting your site will pass judgement immediately and a great UX will give you a critical advantage over your competitors.

As a rule, the web is a place where trends are created and “standards” are set everyday.  There is an immense amount of technical innovation in new methods to improve site performance, exposure and reach.  However, all of these innovations can easily be forgone without a strong foundation in design.  Many website owners place a strong focus on search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, social media marketing/exposure, web standards compliancy, high performance development frameworks and content management systems.  While these aspects of a website/web app are extremely important, they don’t make up the front-line visibility/usability to your users.

Are the majority of your site’s visitors going to consider the aforementioned?  It’s not likely.  They will judge your website by how it feels, how it looks, and how well it meets their needs, desires and expectations.  Most of your site’s visitors will not be technically inclined.  They want to be impressed by your site, engaged by your content and presented with a rapid path to their goals – these may include downloading a manual or buying a new pair of shoes.  Design and UX makes it easy for your users to achieve their goals with more logical information architecture, better search functionality or a streamlined checkout process.

As an entrepreneur doing business online, it’s your responsibility to create an ideal User Experience.  It’s absolutely worth the time and investment to ensure that you have a site which will convert users.  After all, it’s all about results.  Here’s a little bit of inspiration from the Danish, who have made great design an operational philosophy in business and in life.

  • I’d love a TOP 10 of what dt thinks is near perfect UI design… how about going “halfzies”… 5 sites dt has designed and 5 sites y’all envy?


    Travis “iheartdt” Houston