Interactivity, whether it’s through hover states, audio or video media, sliding interactions, or even scroll events, help in adding a delightful layer of engagement a user experiences on a website or application. These interactive elements can tell a story or trigger emotional connections can truly create lasting impressions on an individual’s mind. Take a look at how the following websites use subtle as well as bold interactions to truly engage in their audiences.

1. Black Negative (


2. Adidas Design Studio (


3. Project Re: Brief by Google (


4. The Interactive UK Energy Consumption Guide (


5. Beyonce (


6. Reebok (


7. Optimo Hats (


8. Piccsy Pitchdeck (


9. Captain Dash (


10. Orange Sprocket (


11. WWF Earth Hour 2012 (


12. Onst Creative (


13. Nike Air Jordan (


14. Tim Roussilhe Portfolio (


15. The Thomas Oliver Band (

Inspired to add interactivity and engagement in your designs? Have a favorite from this list? Let us know in the comments!

  • One of the things that isn’t taught online in all these training websites is the art of telling a story. Which just happens to be one of the things that can make or break a website. Great line up Jessica!

  • Jessica Moon

    Well said Ricardo. Crafting that story is essential to creating a website that goes above and beyond the rest. Thus, part of the process in telling a story on the web is identifying engaging websites that tell stories and figuring out what makes these stories so compelling.

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  • Great collection, Jessica. With millions of websites out there, making an impression or
    being remembered is a HUGE achievement. This can be achieved only by creating an “experience” for the visitor. Design has to actively communicate the message, emotion or story. Failing to do that means the eventual slow demise of the site.