Seriously. It’s time to break out of this winter garbage we’ve been suffering through, open up the windows, and hit refresh on everything — including our websites. We all know what happens when your website gets abandoned. Remember GeoCities? Angelfire? AltaVista? (Yeah, I bet that blast from the past just blew your hair back.)

Let’s face it: Stagnant websites are boooringgg. But you can remedy that. Spring is an excellent time to improve your website and dust out the cobwebs. Today’s list rounds up fresh-feeling designs with great photo treatments, compelling color palettes, and inspiring parallax scrolling. Also consider updating your CTA, design, and graphics — while getting rid of the junk and keeping up with trends and tech advances — to outfit your site for success.

Spring into action with these beautiful websites! (See what I did there… har har.)

18 Examples to Put Some Spring in Your Step

1. Soyuz Coffee RoastingScreenshot of Soyuz Coffee Roasting site with a white background, vivid photos, and black text.

This site boasts big photography with vivid colors in high definition, intense parallax scrolling, and a simple sans serif font. Fresh like roasted coffee, this site is definitely up to date and beautifully designed.

2. Seattle Cider Co.Screenshot of Seattle Cider Company's website with a white background and an illustration of apples going into a barrel and coming out as golden cider.

As if the welcoming forest didn’t have you smelling pine at first site, the clever animation is sure to inspire a new addition to your site.

3. Jean-Christophe SuzanneScreenshot of JCS's website that shows the letter A in light blue on a transparent cream overlap on a photo of shoes.

This site features varied typography, a minimalist, simple design, and manipulated imagery complete with semi-opaque overlays. As you scroll, you zoom through the images (as if you’re in the red car in one of the photos).

4. TinkeScreenshot of Tinke's site, which shoes a human hand holding an outline of a Tinke, with text around it to describe the product.

Besides the colors that really pop, Tinke’s site lets you preview the product colors whenever you feel like it, and the color stays that way as you scroll. The way the product moves — from a hand, to gliding through midair, and back into someone’s hand in a line art version — is entrancing.

5. Koffie VerkeedScreenshot of Koffie Verkeerd's site, which has a green gradient background, brown text, and an image of a cup of coffee on a saucer.

Before you think I’m partial to international coffees, know that I don’t even drink the stuff. But this site is different with its unique green-and-brown gradient color scheme. Simplicity works well here.

6. The Lifecycle AdventureScreenshot of The Life Cycle's site, which shows a person's silhouette on a mountain  scene with the text "the Life Cycle Journals."

Gorgeous graphics, use of photography (both as a big background and in a grid), and clean use of content make The Lifecycle Adventure inspiring to me.

7. Tyler SomersScreenshot of Tyler Somer's website, which features a dark grey patterned background and screenshots of his portfolio.

It doesn’t get much fresher than designers who haven’t graduated yet, but Tyler Somers is surely poised to garner a lot of attention when he enters the job market. His site features cool typography — and the list of his work features exquisite springtime blues & greens.

8. IkayzoScreenshot of Ikayzo's site, which shows and illustration of a flying contraption descending into blue waters.

The animated graphics in the landing page of this site are amazing — and would be just as amazing if they were completely static — but with parallax scrolling, the site’s design is taken to a new level.

9. CoinScreenshot of Coin's site, which shows 4 colorful credit cards and the headline "Simple" on a white background.

Video killed the radio star, and video is still going strong. Featured in the hero area of Coin’s single page website, the personable video takes center stage to introduce the product. AND the site also features eye-catching y-axis effects. BAZINGA!

10. Ditto DCScreenshot of Ditto's website, which shows a photo of a brick building and a dark grey background with text.

Huge photo that turns into a video, and flat design throughout. Woah. That’s like a lions-and-tigers-and-bears (oh my!) combo.

11. TwitterScreenshot of Twitter's UI for digital-telepathy's page.

What more can I say? It’s Twitter, one of the biggest social media sites in existence, and they keep things fresh. The site is simple and effective, and it’s got a great mobile design. Are you on Twitter? We are. Hit us up @dtelepathy.

12. HugeScreenshot of Huge's website, which shows an illustration of an H that has a skyline and blue sky in it, with "NYC" and a text description to the right.

This site brings it with simple colors, responsive design, and parallax scrolling that essentially raises the curtain on each section of this single page site.

13. BlackhouseScreenshot of Blackhouse's site, which shows a photo of a grilled steak and cool typography saying, "Simple, Proper Food."

Warning: If you’re a vegetarian, don’t click on this site. It features a large photograph of a sizzling steak and eclectic typography.

14. KnormalScreenshot for KNormal's site, which shows "California Craft" in teal on a bright blue background, then the rest of the site is grey, black, and white with bright blue accents.

This site stays engaging and aesthetically pleasing due to its simple color scheme, gentle hover effects, minimalist graphics, and fun transitions.

15. Find Your Way to OzScreenshot of the Oz website, with a blurry background of a field scene and wooden sign, and the text "Find Your Way to Oz."

Well, this site only works on Chrome, but even the error page is beautiful enough to warrant inclusion on this list. The blurred imagery in the background gives Oz a mystical feeling.

16. LubiamScreenshot for Lubiam's site, which shows a photo of a male model and a white background.

Clean design +natural colors + great use of photography = an attention-worthy site.

17. Peek CalendarScreenshot of Peek's website, which shows two photos of using the app side-by-side with a white background and bright colors.

Peek Calendar features a single page layout with lively colors and high quality images.

18. Jess and RussScreenshot from Jess and Russ's site, which shows a garden illustration in the background in tans, and the cursive text "He Surprised her in Gramercy Park" and an image of a wedding ring.

This site immediately reminds me of Smashing Pumpkin’s “Tonight, Tonight” video that featured primitive special effects. Though the color palette is pretty dark, it’s uniquely beautiful as a nod to spring nights.

SO GET CLEANING… before Winter changes its mind.

Spring cleaning doesn’t mean completely scrapping your ideas or website. However, it’s a good idea to see what you aren’t currently doing — that you could be doing. I’m sure you can tell that I’m pretty obsessed with parallax scrolling (who isn’t though, really?!) and big photography. I think that both of these design features will continue to be on the forefront of website design and UX design because they’re basically the coolest.

With that said, I hope you’re inspired by these examples and have some good ideas brewing!