Winter might get a bad reputation for being Summer’s antagonist other, but it doesn’t have to be drab, dreary, and frigid. These 20 websites embrace the cold and add life to their websites using cool-toned colors, textures, and low contrast. In no particular order…

1. Sidewalk (

2. blacknegative (

3. James Childers (

4. Equilibrium (

5. Design Duoell (

6. From the Rough (

7. Who is Leon (

8. Ryan Scherf (

9. The Bullitt Agency (

10. The Exit Zero Project (

11. Sav (

12. Kerry Edward (

13. James Garner (

14. Goliath Sportswear (

15. Diehl Group Architects (

16. Gangibob (

17. Glass Coat Photo Booth (

18. Christopher Meeks (

19. Blissfully Aware (

20. Nick Jones (

  • Some wonderfully bleak and moody designs in there, love Scherf and Garner in particular, quite a relief as half expected a lot of red, gold and snowflakes, great selection!

  • Winter based background webdesigns have always been great. And your’s is really very great collection and very impressive chilling web designs.

  • All the collection of designs here is very nice and impressive winter background designs . Specifically I like blacknegative the most. My special thanks to Chau for sharing these beautiful designs.

    • dtelepathy

      Troy – You’re welcome! Glad you liked them 🙂

  • Really winter based background is very nice and look awesome. It is a great collection of winter background web design and thank you for sharing your information.