Just like the web, the fashion industry is dynamic, influential and groundbreaking. Although it seems like the height of its innovation lies on the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York, there is a lot to be said for the strides made in fashion related media.

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of well designed fashion and apparel websites. Even though the companies featured range from smaller startups to industry goliaths their use of clever design traits have caught our attention and are sure to do the same for you.

1. Playing Fashion


The Playing Fashion site has the hardest working type on this list. With multiple forms, sizes and layouts the typography adds visual variety as well as editorial structure especially when coupled with the large photographs.

Cotton Bureau


Cotton Bureau opts for a simple grid structure that both complements and highlights the designs of contributing artists. While navigating through this site it becomes clear that the main idea is to encourage artists to create and display their works.

3. Everlane


By choosing a simple and classic aesthetic to their site, Everlane has allowed for the gradual expansion of their business through images, videos, and typography. Though you leave wanting more, you won’t leave unsatisfied.

4. Warby Parker


Much like their products, Warby Parker’s site provides a juxtaposition of minimalist structure with whimsy. This is accomplished through the use of strong lines to promote structure and illustrated icons to remind the viewer that this company appreciates creativity.

5. Fluttuo


With sleek animation, a dark color scheme, and a contrast between bold texts, Fluttuo succeeds in setting itself apart from other jewellers. These differences are further highlighted by the details like parallax scrolling, hovering section heads, and the clean minimalist marketplace.

6. Topshop


Topshop’s selective use of bold typography, white space, and animation strike an ideal balance between editorial and marketplace.

7. Refinery 29


With a focus on imagery, this colorful site utilizes bold typography, video, and slideshows to convey its messages on style.

8. Bonobos


Bonobos uses large photographs and a simple gridded structure to first entice their users and then ensure easy navigation throughout their site.

9. Interview Magazine


The biggest highlight of Interview Magazine is their use of scrolling to organize their new content. Each section head sticks while the user scrolls through a series of image based headlines which helps the user anchor their perusals.

10. Zara


Zara’s use of large scale images and minimal type allows the visitor to be instantly transported into a lifestyle for which their clothes are a cornerstone.

11. Garance Dore


Garance Dore has built the perfect structure to balance the variety of content it shares. Whether it is a gorgeous photograph, a video, or an illustration, each collection of  copy is paired with some visual component making the site always exciting.

12. Vogue


With large photographs, bold type, and the classic Vogue aesthetic, a look at their site is reminiscent of paging through the hallowed spreads of the magazine itself.

13. Maud Boutique


Maud Boutique uses the popular single page design technique to highlight the finer aspects of their vintage boutique.

14. AYR


AYR’s use of a muted color palette and minimalist design draws our attention on the clean photographs of their clothing as well as their subtle but unique use of animation throughout the site.

15. Walked & Worn


Walked & Worn takes the common business to consumer form and makes it their own through the use of large photos to sell lifestyles rather than clothing.

16.  Optimo Hats


Whether it is the use of cinemagraphs in their scrolling or the backlit effect that each of their hats have in the marketplace, Optimo Hats’ attention to detail truly sets it apart.

17. Street Etiquette


Street Etiquette’s use of whitespace and classic page structure allows for their content to shine. The simple structure paired with their clear images and strong design elements draws users into their site as well as their state of mind.

18. Keep


A mixture of fashion and social media, Keep allows its users to create feeds that feature their own personal tastes. With endless scrolling, a soft color palette and a social media aspect Keep is the intersection between the fashion industry and those who wear fashion.

19. Greats


With large photographs, animation and video, Greats keeps the focus on their product by presenting their shoes in a variety of new and interesting ways.

20. Locals


Another example of parallax scrolling and its use in fashion and apparel, Locals is a swedish brand whose website features a constant stream of images, minimal type, and clean design.

Although this list contains a diverse sampling of different areas of the fashion industry, their beautifully designed sites are why we brought them to you today. If there are any sites you feel should’ve made the lists be sure to let us know in the comments below.