It’s no secret that I love videos, and the internet does, too. While fullscreen videos aren’t new on the web design scene, recent advances — from better bandwidth to better video compression — are giving fullscreen videos momentum.

If you’re thinking about adding video to your site, also check out our post about how videos can make or break your site. But for now, indulge in these 21 websites for your viewing enjoyment.

Fast Forward to 21 Watch-Worthy Sites

1. BKWLDScreenshot from BkWLD site

Fast-loading and simple, BKWLD’s video shows snippets of what’s going on at the office, giving users a brief look into the digital design agency.

2. Wim VanhendemScreenshot from Wim

Artfully showcasing the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels, this fullscreen video is nicely complemented by a soundtrack of city streets and rainy day traffic. This was part of the software installation, “We Are The World.”

3. Media BoomScreenshot from Media Boom

On this full video site, visitors are greeted with an old-timey video that briefly introduces Media Boom.

4. Drexel UniversityScreenshot from Drexel University's site

Drexel encourages visitors to “see past the ordinary to what lies just beyond” in a unique font, centered on top of calming ocean waves with a guitar soundtrack. It helps take the stress and pressure out of the school search (at least for the moment).

5. KickstarterScreenshot from Kickstarter's site

With twenty-somethings perched on a park bench, Kickstarter introduces you to the unassuming team of people who help make Kickstarter a reality. It’s approachable and personable.

6. I Surf Because (from Billabong)Screenshot from Billabong's "I Surf Because" site

These videos throw you into the ocean with up-close views of surfers in action, while a fun track plays in the background — and you’re invited to create your own. This video’s unique pixelated overlay also adds an artistic touch.

7. Bienville CapitalScreenshot from Bienville Capital

Similar to Drexel University’s compelling text, Bienville Capital compels visitors to view the world differently. The video shows a variety of scenes, from people rowing boats on a lazy river, to crowds softly traversing Grand Central Station.

8. De RepublicaScreenshot from De Republica's site

Another big video & large text statement — De Republica proclaims their position as “digital pioneers bringing ideas to life” while a video montage of different shots plays in the background.

9. ToolScreenshot from Tool's site

While the big video dominates this site, it’s clear that navigation is also an important focus as it’s contrasted black/white nav is prominently displayed in the header.

10. Holly FultonScreenshot from Holly Fulton's site

Holly Fulton wants you to know who she is: a fashion designer. The site says this loud and clear in a large sans serif font in white, set over a video of runway models showcasing her designs.

11. OptimoScreenshot with Optimo's site

You might think this is just big photography… until the subtle flicker of headlights & streetlights in the background makes you realize that you’re watching a video of a hat in a storefront window.

12. Nationale Opera & BalletScreenshot from the Nationale Opera & Ballet's site

Slow motion videos of a variety of performers make a distinctly artistic statement.

13. Brindisa Tapas KitchenScreenshot from Brindisa Tapas Kitchen

If you weren’t hungry before you stumbled across this site, you will be (speaking of StumbleUpon, be sure to share this post so others can stumble on over! 🙂 ). Close-up videos of food grilling, people having a good time, and champagne drinks bubbling are all quite enticing.

14. The Build FilmScreenshot from the Build Film's site

While the page is loading, The Build Film cleverly has a speedometer showing where you are in the load. It only takes a few seconds before you can see the video, and the wait is well worth it.

15. CarrScreenshot from Carr's site

Shot mostly in black and white, this fullscreen video gives viewers an overview downshot of the goings on at this design firm, which is a departure from other office views we’ve seen.

16. Black NegativeScreenshot from the Black Negative's site

As the site loads, each letter in the company name is highlighted. The video gives an upshot into forest trees, complete with mystical streams of sunlight and a dreamy soundtrack.

17. Brightly: Preflight NervesScreenshot from Brightly's site

Multimedia kaboom! This site smashes different mediums together: the video shows different life scenes, lyric tweets (in time with the song), all while the site’s song plays in the background.

18.  MatterScreenshot from's site

The contrast between large text and the fullscreen background video is evident in this site. The company’s mission statement is proudly stated in large print, bold, sans-serif white font text.

19. Squat DesignScreenshot from Squat's site

With an amalgam of “human experience,” video clips flow beneath prominent header and footer navigation ribbons.

20. StorqScreenshot from Storq's site

Pregnant ladies — Storq, aptly named, is showing you how their simple wardrobe can make you feel comfortable and put together. No, really, they’re showing you a video of a pregnant lady putting on their clothes.

21. Story & HeartScreenshot from Story & Heart's site

This site screams story and heart with their video of their videos. It’s kind of meta, but also kind of awesome seeing them market their work with their work.

Winding Up

Rewind the tape, because this inspiration list has come to an end. Do you have other sites you think we missed? I’d love to see what else you’ve found — share it with us in the comments!