After navigating through the wilderness of search results, a unique visitor has landed on your page, and you’ve got one shot to make things work. For people who care about UX design, a user’s behavior and impressions about a site, along with whether they stay and convert, is important. Is the site easy to navigate? Is the information organized? Will users click your CTA? These questions, among many others, should be considered when choosing the layout for your site because it can play a huge part in why users stay and why they convert.

Consider that users are human. They can be impatient and lazy — I know I can be. Do users have to click through to get to the information they want, or is it easily found right where they need it? If the information I want isn’t there, I bounce. And your users might, too. However, if the site is organized well, and the information users want and the information that business owners need users to find is all in the right places, the site might be more successful.

That’s why the fresh design of single page layouts is popping up everywhere. It’s easy to use, and the information isn’t hiding. And when users can find the information they want, it will be easier for you to convey why they need to buy your product or service. Bonus! Everybody wins!

Check out the following single page websites that we’ve handpicked for you. Each site has a design feature that we think stands out from the rest, providing you with ample inspiration when creating your own site.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: 22 Single Page Websites For Your Inspiration

1. MyLakeMapScreenshot of MyLakeMap site with someone holding an iPhone while on a boat.

Featuring parallax scrolling and big photography, MyLakeMap is a single page site that utilizes clean sections and simple font. The brilliant combination puts this one on our map.

2. Built ThingsScreenshot of Built's site shows tools on a wooden table.

Built Things is a well-built one-pager. Its storyline is executed in a way that makes sense: learn more about the company, what they do, who does it, and how to contact them.

3. PaperScreenshot from FB's Paper product page, which shows an iPhone on a wooden desk.

Facebook’s Paper app changes things up with a horizontal one page layout. You can see our take on the Paper launch in a recent DT-tv clip.

4. CratedScreenshot from Crated's site, which shows art and a hammer on a wooden table.

Crated keeps its launch page simple and effective with three boldly defined sections.

5. The Art of TextureScreenshot from the Art of Texture's site, which shows a couch with a painting on it.

This single page site adds a touch of flair with captions that appear when moving your cursor over the images.

6. Emory BubbleScreenshot from Emory Bubble's site, which has a navy background with a desktop and then an iPhone in the foreground.

As you move down the page, information glides in from each side, which really spices up the simple scroll down.

7. TreehouseScreenshot from Treehouse's site, which is a photo of a girl on her laptop, working on a wooden desk.

Treehouse alternates sections of descriptions and graphics for a visually balanced one page design.

8. PlentificScreenshot from Plentific's site shows people in the background outside, one person on a mobile device, with a prominent search box in the center.

The testimonial section at the bottom of the page is a winner. When you mouse over each user story, the image is magnified just a little bit, which really draws the visitor in.

9. OysterScreenshot from Oyster's site, which shows a person reading in the background.

Oyster maintains a fresh and readable page design, even with an abundance of CTAs, screenshots, and examples of the product, making the single page layout work.

10. TypetalkScreenshot from Typetalk's site, which shows a webpage on a blurry orange background.

Though simple, this responsive one page design’s bright colors, thorough product description, and y-axis effects keep users informed and engaged.

11. TrippeoScreenshot from Trippeo's site, which has a blue and purple gradient background with white text.

Showcasing the product with fun animation, bold colors, and clean design make this site a standout.

12. MooncampScreenshot from Mooncamp's site, which has layers of letters, text, illustrated mountains, and an iPhone.

Mooncamp’s site features great images, a cool green-and-dark grey color scheme, and smooth animation. Plus, there’s a unique follows-your-mouse iPhone graphic at the top of the page and sticky navigation so you won’t get lost.

13. Once A UnicornScreenshot from Once I Was a Unicorn, which has that text in white on a light blue background that slightly shows a forrest scene.

Perhaps one of the nicest aspects of singlepage design is its ability to smoothly tell a story. Once A Unicorn masterfully keeps you scrolling and learning more.

14. MailChimp Annual ReportScreenshot from MailChimp's annual report, which has "2013" in purple lettering.

This single page heavy-hitter is brilliantly executed with layers along the z-axis. Images are tinted the colors of the rainbow, complete with quick and interesting stats that add up as you scroll down. Who said reports can’t be awesome?

15. MixioScreenshot from Mixio's site, which has a photo of sheep in a field by a forrest and a demo of the app on an iPhone

Big pictures, parallax scrolling, and an interactive iPhone graphic that allows you to click through pictures makes this one worthy to be called “inspiration.”

16. CoinbaseScreenshot from Coinbase's site that shows a graphic of a globe that's blue, with a blue background.

This single page site is inviting and has a nice balance of negative space. You won’t be overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with this page.

17. HashtagoScreenshot from Hashtago's site, which has a blurry photo of a crowd of people with a prominent search box on top.

Love this site’s alternating filtered pictures and whitespace in the background and its semi-transparent logo header that directs you to the CTA. The blurred photos are also a welcome change from the ultra-crisp background images we typically see.

18. Snipcart18-ssnipcart-ccc

Bold and contrasting yellow and dark gray make this site stick out. Plus, the shopping car turns into a tricked-out cart with hydraulics and ribbons. Definitely a design win and a dt favorite.

19. TapmatesScreenshot from Tapmate's site, which has blue, grey, and purple text on a white background.

By showcasing their case studies in an angled perspective on a gray grid, the Tapmates site is visually interesting and a departure from the plain perspective we’re used to seeing.

20. Scriptogr.amScreenshot from's site, which is a black and white photo through a subway window with a blur, with a person standing on the platform.

While the entire site is grayscale, the CTA is a nice muted orange that grabs the visitor’s attention without yelling at them.

21. Dice SalesScreenshot from Dice Sales' site, which is a color photo of two people facing the ocean in the distance.Using big photography in a big way, Dice Sales features presents a random photograph in each organized section as you scroll down the page.

22. Space BoxScreenshot from Spacebox's site, which is a photo of a desert mountain in the background with text on top.

I featured Space Box’s pricing design in my recent post, but what I like even better is their single page, linear design that basically puts all the information you need in one column. Easy to find. Easy to use.

Fresh to Death: Single Page Web Design

With all of these sites, it’s easy to see that single page websites are definitely one of the freshest layouts gaining momentum in the design world. The long scroll sites are user-friendly, simple, and clean.

Now that I’ve hit you with 25 great examples, I hope you’re ready to fire away. Let us know what you like about these sites (and if there’s anything you don’t like) in the comments!