A great photographer knows how to compose breathtaking photographs. And great designers know how to use them. As the daughter of a photographer for the Chicago Tribune, I have an inherent love of great photography.

There are multiple ways you can use photography on your site:

When choosing photographs for your site, just make sure that you’ve got the appropriate licenses in place, that the pictures you choose are relevant to your site’s purpose, and that the pictures you choose aren’t yawn-worthy stock photos.

Using the right kind of imagery can compel your visitors to move along the page, click a CTA, or even share it with friends — and sometimes pictures are just nice to look at. In the end, images say what words can’t, and when considering your site’s design, using relevant photographs is a great option to convey emotion, feeling, and a general sentiment without relying on content or design to solely carry the job.

Get ready to turn your camera on, or maybe just your mind, because I’ve got 40 sites with big photography for your inspiration. Say cheese!

40 Sites with Stunning & Sizable Photography

1. Lonely PlanetLonely Planet site

2. NikonNikon site

3. Dirk Denison ArchitectsDirk Denison Architects site

4. JanSportJansport's site

5. Sweet BasilSweet Basil's site

6. Eric Ryan AndersonEric Ryan Anderson

7. NikeNike site

8. Apeman BoardsApeman Boards' site

9. DrivenDriven site

10. Mah Ze Dahr BakeryMah Ze Dahr Bakery site

11. McLellan JacobsMcLellan Jacobs' site

12. Pike Creek WhiskyPike Creek site

13. WhaternetWhaternet site

14. Tiffany & Co.Tiffany & Co. site

15. AdidasAdidas site

16. 352 Inc.352 Media site

17. Mes États NordiquesMes États Nordiques site

18. Gramercy Park HotelGramercy Park Hotel site

19. PatrónPatron site

20. GalloGallo site

21. Pirata LondonPirata site

22. CanonCanon site

23. Carli DavidsonCarli Davidson's site

24. Osborn BarrOsborn Barr site

25. Modern Green HomeModern Green Home site

26. Page/Park ArchitectsPage/Park Architects site

27. Book of BeardsBook of Beards site

28. Sundance Film FestivalSundance Film Festival site

29. Blind BarberBlind Barber site

30. The Paper MillThe Paper Mill site

31. Willie NelsonWillie Nelson's site

32. Make It RightMake It Right site

33. Giordano’sGiordano's site

34. Chip FooseChip Foose's site

35. Colossal MediaColossal Media site


37. Ground CtrlGround Control site

38. V3RSV3RS site

39. The HobbitThe Hobbit site

40. Keep San Antonio RealKeep San Antonio Weird t-shirt


And there you have it. You’ve grazed through 40 sites that feature breathtaking and big photography, so hopefully you’ve got an idea of how photography can enhance a website. However you choose to incorporate photographs, know that an amazing photograph can seriously intensify your site’s visual appeal and overall awesomeness.