There’s so much buzz emanating online about Apple’s latest innovation: The Apple Watch. And I can’t get enough. According to Tim Cook, “Apple builds great products that enrich people’s lives. We can take that to a whole new level with Apple Watch.” While most of the designer and developer community is eager to get their hands on the timepiece, around 100 select developers were invited to Cupertino to kickstart the watch-app ecosystem.

The Tyler Durden Philosophy of Product Design

Everyone agrees that Apple Watch needs a killer app to make it a mainstream success.

Our team believes in the potential of the Apple Watch. Even though we were weren’t part of the invitation-only incubator, our innovation team has still been tinkering with app concepts that leverage the unique features of the watch.

Here are 12 Apple Watch app concepts that we dreamed up.

NFL Game Tracker

Never miss a play with real-time NFL updates. Set your alert preferences and you’ll get the stats you crave from your favorite team or fantasy lineup. Whether you’re at your best friend’s birthday party or trying to watch two games at once, taptic feedback and the “glance” feature will keep you up to date on turnovers, touchdowns and more. Score.

Handshake for Contact Info

Networking made easy. Next time you’re at a conference just shake hands with another watch bearer and Siri will confirm if you’d like to exchange contact information. Each person can decide how to categorize their new contact and what info to disclose. Literally be a mover-and-shaker.

Tour de Apple Watch

Give yourself an edge on race day with easy access to a leaderboard and mileage countdown. This app is a (mostly) hands-off experience by leveraging the new “glance” feature to toggle between screens. Based on your preferences the watch could alert you at specific milestones or when there are changes to the field order. Now you can know exactly when to pedal to the metal.

Speed Alert

Your car may have a speedometer, but it doesn’t know the speed limit. This app is a one-screen experience that integrates with 3rd party APIs to let you know when the speed limit has changed as you’re driving. Audio or vibration alerts will help keep your eyes on the road. One quick glance at your Apple Watch would give you the information you need to drive more safely. Take me home, country roads.

Apple TV Remote

Searching Apple TV with the remote? No thanks. Plus, never lose your remote again. This app is perfect for the Apple Fanboys out there. Your watch would function as a remote, similar to the iOS version for iPhone. But now you can leave your phone on the charger and control the TV with spoken commands. Friction: removed.

Tennis Pro

Sport the Apple Watch while playing tennis to track your every move. With a simple two-screen interface, players can choose between the ball-speed screen and the swing-stat screen. For great analysis, the app would allow you to export data for review by your coach or trainer. We think there’s a lot of potential for this app. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a connected ball that shows your ball placement on the court? Dreeeeeam with us…

Instrument for Apple Watch

Play collaboratively or alone on a variety of instruments from guitars to drums to violins and more. Swipe-to-choose your favorite instrument then play using a combination of gestures. For instance, for a two-handed instrument, such as the guitar, you could use both your Watch and iPhone as controllers. The music plays from your iPhone speaker and your friends can join in to create your own jam band. Now you can make sweet, sweet music… together.

Collaborative Art

Imagine being at a concert, tech conference, or science center when you approach a giant screen. People wearing their Apple Watch fire up their connected Marker App, select a brush size and color, and using the connected arm/hand as the drawing tool, begin to create. You’ll then be able to add to a digital mural and see beautiful live results as it happens. This could also work well in a brainstorm meeting or during a smart presentation. 

Keynote Remote

Control your next Keynote presentation with the Apple Watch. Use touch or gesture to advance slides or let the Watch listen to you speak as it identifies keywords in the notes and advances the slides for you. It’s like having a teleprompter on your wrist.

Connected Home

Feeling chilly? Give your wrist a twist to kick the temperature up a degree. Raise your hand up and down to dim lights. Your home is becoming more and more connected, so why not control it from your wrist? Look out, Tony Stark!

BloodPressure Monitor

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in this country and being heart-smart is the best way to set yourself up for a long-lasting life. Monitor your blood pressure all day long. We feel the functionality and accuracy of this app would best be served by partnering with Bluetooth-Smart blood pressure meters. This could provide real-time data which is integral to monitoring your heart’s health. In terms of UX, swipe up to dismiss messages, and swipe right-left to find other suggestions based on (1) time of day and (2) location. Now that’s peace-of-mind.

Tape Measure

We’re not certain yet but we think the accelerometer could provide accurate-enough measurements as the user drags their hand along the object or room. For instance, you’re painting your studio. Not sure how much paint to buy? Just get a rough estimate when you fire up your tape measure app and head confidently to your local hardware store. Now you don’t have to do the math.

Designing for a super small interface has presented our team with many new challenges. Working through these challenges with new app concepts has us primed and ready for our first Apple Watch assignment! What do you think our app concepts? Are these are awesome or lame? I’d love to hear your ideas and feedback!