The radio may already be playing Christmas music, but there’s still time to embrace autumn! These sites showcase the palette inspired by the 2013 fall fashion runway (like subdued blues), as well as fail-safe reminders of fall (like orange & black, or stunning photos of hardwood).

Add a touch of fall to your next web project, and get your inspiration from these seventeen sites 😀

Reds & Oranges

1. Archie WilkinsonArchie Site

2. DungeonDungeon Site

3. Neal MullenNeal Mullen's Site

4. Forno BonomiForno Bonomi Site

5. fifty-fivefifty-five's site

6. The Escape CommitteeThe Escape Committee Site

7. Fall in TennesseeFall in Tennessee Site


8. Michael PickMike Pick's Site

9. Curt’s Special RecipeCurt's Special Recipe Site

10. The House of EyewearThe House of Eyewear's Site

11. Pencil 53Pencil 53's Site

Many Hues (& Muted Blues)

12. Bradley HaynesBradley Haynes' Site

13. Poolhouse DigitalPoolhouse Digital's Site

14. DesigneatDesigneat's Site

15. Names for ChangeNames for Change Site

16. Marco GrillMarco Grill's Site

17. [email protected]Books@Work Site

Fall Finishes …

… and you can’t wait for winter, right? If you’re as excited as we are, then check out our winter web design inspiration post. And if you’re impatient for 2014, then see our summer inspiration post too. Want even more info on color? We have 50-count and 24-count color palette roundups, as well as a post on color theory to improve your own palettes.

Do you design with the seasons in mind? How do you pick a palette for a seasonal catalogue or site? Share with us in the comments!