Poor Monday. Monday is the most dreaded day on the calendar! Garfield even has a tumblr blog dedicated to hating Monday… proof positive, you’re not alone.

Suck it up, buttercup. Monday isn’t going anywhere. But the good news is that over the course of my adult life, I have perfected some tricks to keep Monday from being too manic. Give these a try and let me know how next week starts off.

Get your 40 winks.

Getting enough sleep can help you avoid Monday blues

Studies have shown that adults need eight hours or more of sleep each night. Otherwise, we build up something called “sleep debt” that is linked to increased likelihood of poor work performance and car crashes. In fact, there’s a 17% increase of motor vehicle accidents on Mondays after we spring-forward for Daylight Savings Time.

Personally, I only get about 7 hours of sleep most nights. But on Sunday nights, I turn in earlier. Take that, Game of Thrones.

You can do side bends and sit ups…

Exercise makes Mondays easier

Take time out for yourself. Whether you like to run, bike, cross-fit, or prancercise… fitness is an essential part of being well. If you’re strapped for time, try this 10-minute Ab Workout by X-Hit or take a stroll around the block.

Shake that healthy butt. Prioritizing exercise is a great way to find mental clarity, reduce stress, and will help you sleep better too!

Be a smooth(ie) operator.

Proper nutrition can help your attitude

The DT kitchen is outfitted with the macdaddy of all blenders, a Vitamix. In the morning there’s a line of folks waiting to blend fresh organic fruits from our local CSA with other wholesome items like coconut oil and maca powder… all complimentary!

To get our veggie intake, we’re also fans of Dr. Oz’s green juice recipe, which includes some apples to sweeten up the mix of vegetables. If Oprah does it, it must be good for you.

Dress for success.

Dressing up can make you feel better on Mondays

Your outfit can affect your mood. Start with your cutest pair of underwear. Then layer on business or casual attire as appropriate. If you need some added confidence, try a bright-colored top. Or wear your fluffiest slippers for a burst of creative inspiration.

From high heels to power ties – what you wear matters.

Beat your boss to work.

Get to work early on Monday

Mondays are the beginning of your week. Start them off on the right foot by arriving early and easing into your work day. This will give you a little extra time for a pour over, or to create your action plan.

Getting to the office early jumpstarts your work week and puts you ahead of the game.